Fly Geyser in Nevada is a manmade wonder

These multicolored and strangely shaped mounds eject water hotter than 90°C. This is Nevada's amazing Fly Geyser.

04/23/2019 6:54 AMupdated: 04/24/2019 10:18 AM


  • Jian Z.
    an hour

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  • Joyce F.
    3 hours

    Wow amazing 😮

  • Bobbie T.
    4 hours


  • Kathy F.
    8 hours

    Beautiful! Ain't nature wonderful!

  • Patti K.
    8 hours

    we gotta go!!

  • Rachel M.
    9 hours

    Amazing 🤩

  • Michael M.
    9 hours


  • Betty K.
    9 hours

    Umm wtf we need to go lol

  • Loretta H.
    10 hours

    Very interesting.

  • Bob S.
    12 hours

    Wait, the earth pRODuCeS HEAT?? Why haven’t the climate politicians put a stop to this yet? We probably didn’t send them enough money.

  • Patrick X.
    13 hours

    let’s go

  • Shimil M.
    14 hours

    yo coochie

  • Jimmie E.
    15 hours

    Interesting! Added to bucket list

  • Gloria C.
    17 hours

    . Cj gotta go to this place soon

  • Viola J.
    18 hours


  • Dany E.
    19 hours

    !!!!!!! 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • Linda F.
    a day


  • Kym O.
    a day


  • Janet M.
    a day


  • Justine H.
    a day

    No way am I going into some dessert just to see some 1.5m tall rock spew out water.

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