Fox & Friends debate about Confederate statues

"Bad history is still good history for this country." said Katrina Pierson, former spokesperson for Donald J. Trump, on Fox & Friends.

08/22/2017 6:25 PM


  • Albert O.
    10/25/2017 02:01

    Correcto mundo!

  • Richard W.
    10/23/2017 01:32

    these statues aren't' even History unless you mean revisionist They were part of an overall PR campaign to put the Confederacy in a better light (and intimidate black people) Taking them down is more truthful to history then leaving them up

  • Malcum Y.
    10/22/2017 08:06

    Katrina is a Trump tramp. She likes her pussy grab.

  • Jerito S.
    10/21/2017 22:49

    If its a reminder of slavery what about the ancestors of the African American slave owners? Ill leave that right there.

  • Marc K.
    10/21/2017 22:29

    Stop digging up the past & using excuses to polish your screwed up ways. Join the blacks that have already moved on.

  • Marc K.
    10/21/2017 22:28

    Nobody cares anymore. Slavery has been abolished for like 150 years & it's time to get out of diapers & move forward.

  • Annie S.
    10/21/2017 22:26

    TBH, i know my opinion isnt going to be as important as most of everyone elses will be, but why are we fighting over freaking statues? Over all of the various more important topic to be debating, we're putting our efforts into What? Statues that were placed several years ago? They're statues. C'mon people. Take a national vote or something. Keep them or get rid of them, the shouldn't hold as much as importance as they do. So what if it's history. We can always just place new ones down. Get a grip America.

  • Paige B.
    10/21/2017 22:13

    But slavery is past history that's what made us who you are today!!!

  • Pam H.
    10/21/2017 21:36

    Listen y'all the Bible even remembers when there was slavery . Remember the deliverance of it THANK GOD FOR THE VICTORY. You GOD can take that which is bad and make it good. THEN MOVE ON

  • Rendell A.
    10/21/2017 21:15

    speak black woman my god tell it

  • John B.
    10/21/2017 21:15

    Liberals love inflaming issues and when they start to lose the argument, they blame the person they’re arguing with.

  • Otis N.
    10/21/2017 20:36

    Stupid woman slavery is not good history for the amount of people raped and killed

  • Hunter S.
    10/21/2017 20:21

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift and that is why it a called the present. - Master Shi Fu 😂 People need to stop living in the past and be thankful for what you have now. Appreciate the time you have and what else you could be doing rather than feeling angry and hateful. When are people ever happy anymore?

  • Eli V.
    10/21/2017 19:43

    Wendy get that uncle tom bitch! 🙌🏾

  • Floyd N.
    10/21/2017 19:16

    Modern mansion history not racism at your history everything you guys do is try to racism racism racism sick of it

  • Steve R.
    10/21/2017 19:14

    Take all the southern historic things down all you want it does NOT mean it didn’t happen, and while your at it take all this slavery bullshit away while your at it and ban ALL Martin Luther Kings statues and name on everything because he was AGAINST gay marriage, but you done see the lgbt community rioting because of that, it’s only the ANTIFAGIRLS and BLM( Bowl Like Movement) destroying property!!!!

  • Daniel F.
    10/21/2017 18:59

    That’s why America is messed up now

  • Daniel F.
    10/21/2017 18:58

    She is stupid she don’t know to see a hallmark the holocaust of the Jews was it wasn’t something like that on history neither but slavery is not good it is a bad thing of America and shine now days is still here you can see how cops three black people and any other minorities so is not a good thing was she said all her mom turn She don’t know what to say to her mouth Don Don Murray Donna

  • Roy M.
    10/21/2017 18:54

    Katrina is trying to stay relavent!

  • Gina M.
    10/21/2017 18:49

    Not good

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