Giant's Causeway, a famous landscape steeped in mythology

A legend says that giants used these steps to cross the sea to Scotland. This dramatic setting is Northern Ireland's famous Giant's Causeway.

40,000 hexagonal basalt columns

This famous landscape is the Giant’s Causeway: a name that derives from ancient legends in which giants used the steps to cross the sea to Scotland. To see it, you have to travel to County Antrim in Northern Ireland.

These formations that have intrigued for thousands of years and have been studied for 300 years are the result of volcanic activity dating back to around 50 to 60 million years ago. These geometric forms were created by lava flows which while cooling extremely slowly crystallized, transforming into these hexagonal columns.

Studies carried out on site at the Giant’s Causeway have contributed to our understanding of the geological history of the Earth. Since 1986, it has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is accessible by a footpath where visitors can see the coastal landscape before getting up close with the basalt columns.


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  • Fotini T.
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    Το μεγαλείο της φύσης!

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    Ancient trees

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    Its amaizing🤗

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    Of course, we know now that the Giant’s Causeway was built by Finn McCool, an Irish giant who had heard about a Scottish giant and wanted to go over to fight him. When Finn got partway there, he saw that the Scottish giant was much bigger than he, so he went home to bed after telling his mother to tell the Scottish giant, if he came calling, that he was not home. The Scottish giant did come by on the new causeway, looking for Finn. Finn’s mother told him that Finn was out but his little baby boy was sleeping and that the Scot should go take a look. When the Scottish giant saw him, he thought ‘’if this is Finn’s boy, then Finn himself must be even bigger than I am,’’ so the giant returned peacefully to his castle in Scotland.

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    No fuking lava flow cools like that,WTF

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    Their all remains of giant trees.

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    02/26/2020 19:57

    The male giant had been staying in lower mesopotamia,the pyramid land

  • Luis R.
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    the "giants" were actually just a bunch of grizzly bears super-glued together

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    Regardez bien la fameuse civilisation occidentale qu'ils veulent nous imposer !

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    I like it.

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    I have been here also when l was in lreland for awhile. So beautiful. Horas

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    Seguramente se han realizado muchos al respecto?

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    Muy interesante las formaciones geológicas que es la primera vez que veo.

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