• Luy P.
    01/11/2020 02:53

    Boycotting silk seem to be a bad Idea! Here is why: as it’s clearly shown in the video itself Silkworm is not a native species in the wild its domesticated! Very ceasing to raise or if release into the wild these silkworm could possibly cause a huge impact into the ecological system! The best way to prevent this is to just kill them or if you want you can than ask to take in 100000 silkworms to carter

  • Wai S.
    01/10/2020 19:46

    Maybe humans are the dark side of the world

  • Stephanie L.
    01/08/2020 02:48

    I’m glad we got you the death of like 6000 silkworms for your birthday

  • Jurij S.
    01/02/2020 16:55

    Fcuk peta

  • Charlotte H.
    01/02/2020 11:19

    How about how many different bugs and small creatures are killed during vegetable growing, harvest and land preparation. Like there are thousands of creatures killed growing vegetables and fruits for all the vegetarians and Vegans of the world

  • Kurth K.
    01/01/2020 14:51

    Sad to say but you have to kill before you got anything that a human brain after all

  • Charlotte H.
    01/01/2020 13:06

    So it's a natural fibre that isn't made used plastic but hey it's evil because worms we've selectively bred for thousands of years to make silk, make silk? Like they won't kill *every worm* you keep some to breed and harvest the rest. Like harvesting certain cows for steak and using their skin for leather goods, another lovely natural product that isnt made of petroleum products

  • Micheal J.
    12/29/2019 14:57

    But when u eat those worms like how Cambodians eat insects, these hipocrite ppl call it gross and they now forget these "for the lack of the term" insect rights they seem to fight for

  • Anghel I.
    12/29/2019 08:23

    I dont wear silk...but i didnt know this hapen with worms...

  • Albert T.
    12/27/2019 07:16

    Get the fuck out of here! What's next dont kill cockroaches in a kitchen ?

  • Jade-lynn S.
    12/27/2019 06:54

    Silkworm turn into the most adorable moths ever

  • Janvi Z.
    12/26/2019 05:15

    Make it hatch in peace

  • Kyaw M.
    12/25/2019 03:01

    But they are already using new method who allow the moth to grow first

  • Cristene P.
    12/24/2019 09:55

    Peta: boycott silk. Brruuuhhhh

  • Jake M.
    12/20/2019 08:01

    Might go buy some silk

  • Hero D.
    12/20/2019 02:11

    I love silk

  • Faizman M.
    12/19/2019 03:12

    It nature, human need to consume nuture for sevival same as tiger kills it prey for food otherwise t will staving. We are on the top of food chain if we dont kill the worm it will die too. Just stupid people siad, it wrong

  • Hugh M.
    12/18/2019 11:37

    That's very sustainable as long as the weather conditions and food sources are consistent. Also, PETA is fucking useless if you actually think about it.

  • Mikey H.
    12/17/2019 02:31

    Does anyone even know how nutritious silkworms are? They’re good for you and most reptiles, existing in many pet foods. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21422715/

  • Stephen B.
    12/16/2019 20:10

    This is a lie they say that the moth hatches from the cocoon of silk so it lives then they collect the cocoon so the dont get killed at all