• Alexandra E.
    02/16/2020 17:43

    remember we found one of these down the cape

  • Emmanuel T.
    02/11/2020 00:52

    the first images of it looks like it's a big ol' shoe with eyes haha

  • Rodrick H.
    02/05/2020 00:45

    In time evolution will change anything

  • الروضه ا.
    02/03/2020 13:32

    سبحان الله الخالق العظيم الذي أبدع الكون سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

  • Sirine I.
    02/02/2020 09:31

    they're coming to get us!

  • Menuka S.
    02/02/2020 06:57

    I have started to believe “The Darwin’s Theory of Evolution”.

  • Penny O.
    02/02/2020 00:51

    Hope for men yet. In time they may be able to take care of themselves without help from a woman!!

  • Isidore R.
    02/01/2020 19:03

    Disgusting fuckkk

  • Angel C.
    02/01/2020 03:35

    Yet fanatics will argue that its not evolution but adaptation they want to see a monkey turn human in a decade when we dont even descend from monkeys but chimps. Yet asked them for proof of a gods miracle and they will come up with a stain in a tortilla that kinda looks like a face it dont matter who it looks like for them thats god i mean god created trillions of galaxies in 6 days and took a break on the 7 because even gods get exhausted but when it comes to show the whole humanity its might all what it can come up with is a spot on a tortilla that looks like a face or an image of a virgin that cries blood or a sun ray that scapes through a clouds hole. I asked this woman who was trying to give me a pamplet why did god created satan she said satan created himself because he was a perfect angel wtff? I ran away fast

  • Chuck A.
    02/01/2020 02:40

    But there is no such thing as evolution

  • Dis C.
    02/01/2020 02:18

    How long it gonna take to become a homosapien ?

  • Joshua H.
    02/01/2020 00:17

    Legs or hands?

  • حسن ٳ.
    01/31/2020 19:30

    سبحان الله

  • Mehedi H.
    01/31/2020 19:18

    Please delete this video china people will eat it.

  • Vitin C.
    01/31/2020 19:08

    Aero Peru

  • Roger H.
    12/31/2019 00:27

    isn't evolution amazing!

  • Kenneth S.
    12/30/2019 05:21

    Name of it

  • Aubrey S.
    12/27/2019 16:33


  • Lile I.
    12/24/2019 19:48


  • Emma R.
    12/17/2019 05:09

    thought you'd enjoy this! Hope you're doing well!! 😁