Mimosa pudica has amazing abilities

Leaves that close whenever we touch them and as soon as the night falls. This is the complex and amazing defense mechanism of the sensitive plant. 🌿

02/02/2019 7:27 AM
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  • Yashoda R.
    04/03/2019 16:08

    "buhari jhaar" my grandma use to call these 😊

  • Asmaul H.
    04/03/2019 15:18

    We called it "Tumbuhan Putri Malu" in Indonesia.

  • Loula E.
    04/03/2019 13:32


  • D.W. W.
    04/03/2019 12:51

    Proof for trees have life .

  • Robianto G.
    04/03/2019 07:14

    putri malu...indonesia

  • Rovil S.
    04/02/2019 23:16

    We call it Amorsicos or makahiya in the Philippines

  • Boonshoo S.
    04/02/2019 21:22

    This plant also was local to Phureua District of Loei Province in Thailand. When I was young I came across this plant.

  • Martin K.
    04/02/2019 14:35

    they are in Sri lanka all over the place

  • Pinky C.
    04/01/2019 23:43

    we call it mkahiya

  • Juan B.
    04/01/2019 00:13

    in D.R. they're called "Mori`-vivi`" something akin to "resurrectors" due to how the closing of the leaves' systems somehow resembles passing... at least til a few hours later!

  • Reva R.
    03/31/2019 18:39

    Ferns do the same thing!

  • Haseki S.
    03/31/2019 11:16

    In Indonesia we called it " PUTRI BUNGA MALU"

  • Jered H.
    03/31/2019 04:51

    my mom had this plant when I was a kid just before my brother was born. I killed it one night when sleepwalking when I urinated in it

  • Mila L.
    03/30/2019 19:08

    Or in southeast Asia

  • Debbie C.
    03/30/2019 18:50

    this is what I’m growing x

  • Abing C.
    03/30/2019 06:35

    Plants have feelings too. Stop eating plants. Eat hamburger with bacon 🥓 pancakes 🥞

  • Sara Ž.
    03/29/2019 23:51

    se spomniti te rastline? 😉

  • Dennis H.
    03/29/2019 12:35

    Mas mabisang gamot daw to kesa sa viagra.. Pero may isang side effect...

  • Aamir U.
    03/29/2019 10:27

    In Pakistan we call it " choe moee" means you touch it die

  • Edgar S.
    03/28/2019 02:29

    Those are randomly anywhere in Puerto Rico. As a child, I couldn’t pass them without touching them. We call them “MoriVivi” which is a made up word joining two words which translates to DiedLived.