Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz on playing Batman and Catwoman

Brut asked Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz what sets "The Batman" movie apart from other superhero films. Here's what they had to say ...

03/04/2022 7:57 PM


  • Fred B.
    04/28/2022 09:43


  • Armando R.
    04/27/2022 04:20

    This movie was

  • Pat S.
    04/24/2022 21:28

    i have to watch it a second time. i was kind of disappointed. but i may come around

  • Miguel R.
    04/21/2022 03:21


  • Ruben R.
    04/20/2022 04:28

    Aburrida,lenta ,sin acción,el peor batman del nabo está película

  • Stephanie E.
    04/19/2022 04:35

    Loved it .Dark gritty and good acting. So piss off the people who can't handle a little change. Look at all the many versions we had to go threw . This is good. 😎👍💕

  • Chuck W.
    04/19/2022 00:11

    The worst Batman ever !!!

  • Tra V.
    04/18/2022 23:33

    The Batman is horrible because: What the Riddler did was completely correct! We need to eliminate corruption with force and the death penalty should be enforced on anybody involved in corruption including politicians. We need more vigilantism to take back power from the government! Then future generations will have the chance to live in a free Democratic country where the citizens have more power of the government! We also need to eliminate billionaires by taxing them at 90% tax rate!

  • Lisa N.
    04/18/2022 20:59

    Get some of the Best Korean Action Actors (Lee Joon Gi, Lee Byeong Heon, The Witch, The K2, etc) Stunt Choreographers. And Robert Patterson into Pilates for more flexibilty. And your Series will go from a Grade "A" to "A+" over all other series films. Only because you forgot Batmans training origins. Yiu forgot the essence of Batmans skills weren't as pugilistic as you produced. Even though it was well done...take it that one step further to be better.. This is out of love for the film you all created. And in anticipation of the next one to be better. Oh, and either Korean action actor noted above would be a great Ra's al Ghul. Both speak english, and have done U.S. Action films. Only they are better at Action scenes than most actors. Good Luck!

  • Lou H.
    03/15/2022 22:15

  • Lily F.
    03/15/2022 12:48

    watch movie

  • Nandy M.
    03/14/2022 14:35

  • Nandy M.
    03/13/2022 15:42

  • Nandy M.
    03/13/2022 15:41

  • Lona A.
    03/11/2022 11:54\

  • Джонас Ф.
    03/11/2022 08:17

    Oh Shoosh!!! Batman character is over rated.

  • Jerry P.
    03/05/2022 21:13

    "We're in it." ?

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