• Robert R.
    09/12/2017 23:35

    Too soon

  • Robert R.
    08/25/2017 06:38

    Thank you Robert

  • Harrison J.
    08/22/2017 20:57

    pure bullshit !

  • Reggie T.
    08/22/2017 14:23

    🔥⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔥 NOT BEING AFRAID OF - OR DENYING THE TRUTH... Together --- we the black man, red man , brown man, white man and yellow man... TOGETHER - COLLECTIVELY - WE CAN Bring About CHANGE. Together , we are the DIFFERENCE.

  • Yahmeyl U.
    08/22/2017 13:00

    It's shocking to see how many people listening to dick Gregory now, just a few months ago when he was alive only me and couple thousand people was listening to every podcast. Smh

  • Geminishi T.
    08/22/2017 11:53

    Rip dick Gregory

  • Obi W.
    08/22/2017 10:55

    Why do alot of white people complain they're like big babies they had a lot of stuff easier on them then any other race but still complain about small stuff. idk if it's because you age faster than any other or you can't reproduce Alot or can't be in sunlight to long....just not built to last

  • Obi W.
    08/22/2017 10:51

    Can anybody tell me what is White culture? 🤔

  • Pearl I.
    08/22/2017 10:04


  • Mikey G.
    08/22/2017 09:24

    Asprin do not cure cancer

  • Nyesha G.
    08/22/2017 08:14

    When people tell us to get over racism I can't help but to think my parents and grandparents are still alive and they were alive during this time so what are they supposed to do about it my great grandmother died in 2013 and she was born in 1922 so I can only imagine what she had to endure my great grandfather fought in a war he got no credit for but hey we should just get over it right

  • Demetrius D.
    08/22/2017 06:49


  • Tray R.
    08/22/2017 06:20

    RIP I a young dude but you taught me a lot old head you will be missed and honored

  • Mick S.
    08/22/2017 05:26

    Real talk.

  • Jon S.
    08/22/2017 04:48

    Lol he racist.

  • Adrien A.
    08/22/2017 04:46


  • Julius C.
    08/22/2017 04:41

    Love this man's honesty, courage, and dignity. He will be missed. Oh and he was damn funny too!

  • Clifton R.
    08/22/2017 04:39


  • Zachary W.
    08/22/2017 04:33

    Where's the rest of the Trollers?

  • Felicia O.
    08/22/2017 04:06

    He was a awesome man r.i.p

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