• Lance B.
    08/21/2017 14:03

    That don't even look like him

  • Ashley A.
    08/21/2017 14:30


  • Lake H.
    08/21/2017 15:07

    It is him

  • Dane F.
    08/21/2017 15:21

    Omg this is hilarious do liberals believe this propaganda?? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Adav Z.
    08/21/2017 15:37

    That's right Washintong D.C. Can't run this country anymore. Trump isn't a politician from D.C. he's an entrepreneur business man. That is slowly turning this country around.

  • Teco S.
    08/21/2017 16:08

    Exactly! RIP Dick

  • Adam D.
    08/21/2017 16:20

    How is something from 50 years ago relevant today? It's not, but it is when you are taking liberal media. #liberalmedianotevenonce.

  • Bryan E.
    08/21/2017 16:21

    You cannot create peace & practice violence & hate. Trump is not a patriotic American, he's a supremacist who can't recognize the very window that's closing on his presidency

  • Febrah H.
    08/21/2017 16:28

    I've never seen him young lol

  • Joseph U.
    08/21/2017 16:33

    How dumb statement.

  • Denise S.
    08/21/2017 16:50


  • Boat J.
    08/21/2017 17:47

    Ariel Carter

  • Jermaine E.
    08/21/2017 17:51

    My music is based on his words....

  • Naeem C.
    08/21/2017 18:47


  • Naeem C.
    08/21/2017 18:47


  • Percy R.
    08/21/2017 18:55

    Why the hell would anyone think something from 50 years ago is still anywhere near relevant.

  • Jeffrey R.
    08/21/2017 19:19

    White ppl love to fight but then scream victim..why would these dirty republicans who want less government but believe in a gov party dumb racist kkk fucking idiots be here..go troll another video

  • Bingbong G.
    08/21/2017 19:41

    Actually what Dick Gregory said about racism was that is was hilarious, and then he went on to perform the funniest Caucasian routine--in whiteface--that the goddamn world had ever seen. He was a national hero and I won't stand idly by as this hackjob news outlet "Brut." attempts to slander his good name.

  • Marcus D.
    08/21/2017 19:57

    Perfectly said

  • Angel B.
    08/21/2017 20:08

    Alicia Sherman Gaines