What would happen to Earth if humans suddenly disappeared ?

If humans suddenly disappeared, here is what could happen to our planet.

05/23/2018 10:24 PMupdated: 03/22/2019 12:44 PM
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  • Dan W.
    05/23/2018 22:27

    Basically the world and and all life benefits from us not being here because we are the cancer of this planet

  • Selah N.
    05/23/2018 22:29

    Gaia’s disease cured

  • Susan R.
    05/23/2018 22:31

    We have a lot to answer for

  • Billy T.
    05/23/2018 22:31

    So basically the world would be better off if we all died.

  • Anna F.
    05/23/2018 22:40

    Lets ALL, human beings take THAT IN for some moments... ha! Breath! :-)

  • Habid V.
    05/23/2018 22:41

    neta lo puedo decir mil veces y no cambiaria de opinion, el mundo estaria mejor sin nosotros

  • Luc T.
    05/23/2018 22:45

    Wish it was real !!

  • Phil F.
    05/23/2018 22:48

    This forgets about the fact that humans are sorting nuclear waste in cooled pools and when they aren't attended to they'll leak radiation. And all those invasive species which are being culled by humans would proliferate in areas which aren't evolved to cope with them leading to short term natural catastrophes

  • Myfanwy P.
    05/23/2018 22:48

    Yep, when it comes to the environment, humans suck

  • Karen K.
    05/23/2018 22:51

    . Pertinent!

  • Rubab U.
    05/23/2018 22:51

    But “IF”

  • Lynn H.
    05/23/2018 22:53

    it would be heaven for all flora and fauna ...a garden of eden

  • Sandy C.
    05/23/2018 23:03

    Why is this such a soothing thought?

  • Annelies R.
    05/23/2018 23:12

    Humans are ruining the planet.

  • Theresa D.
    05/23/2018 23:16


  • Marta S.
    05/23/2018 23:28

    Maybe the planet would lack its purpose if humans disappear, its reason to exist. If there is no one to lovingly take care of it, no one to enjoy its beauty, nobody to sing and praise its virtues, what is going to become this place without God's children to correspond to Earth's Love? A sad place. We better start changing our relationship with Mother Earth, start appreciating and loving all that she gives to us. We better change now and start living a meaningful life here, on this beautiful garden that is our Home. Yes, our purpose to incarnate here on Earth is to learn and to evolve. We are Nature too. We belong to Mother Earth. Being Human is the ultimate stage in a soul's journey. We have been drops of water, pebbles, insects, plants, little animals too. It's a long, long way before we can become what we are now: Conscious beings. Conscious of ourselves and our place in the Universe. You don't become a Human being to just disappear. We must use our intelligence and our wisdom, we need to remind who we are and use our gifts to build a better world for us, our children and our planet. Please, Love Yourself and Love Your World. Peace and Love to All. 💖🌈🌹

  • MyDear K.
    05/23/2018 23:40

    in the end sun will burn all planet anyway)

  • Dagaye B.
    05/23/2018 23:42

    Humans are part of nature too. They are critical in its being. Scientist behave as if humans were never meant to exist. Despite the adverse effects they have created.

  • David B.
    05/23/2018 23:54

    A nuclear world war will not leave a human being or even a brick standind so this scenario is unlikely.

  • Susan H.
    05/24/2018 00:14

    Great........the best thing that could possibly happen......