• Jonathon L.
    10/30/2021 05:19

    I get it now, Its like venom and Eddie. When venom is out, you shouldn't call venom Eddie. Or it's like superman, you shouldn't call superman Clark after Clark removed his glasses, it exposes who superman is and it can hurt his feelings. It's worst than kryptonite.

  • Devon S.
    10/29/2021 16:17

    Whenever white people are involved, social norms are changed forcibly by law. That movement is working fast. But the BLM movement got nothing so far. That's a thinker... 🙄

  • Akash K.
    10/29/2021 13:51


  • Brenda E.
    10/29/2021 10:15


  • Rachid G.
    10/28/2021 18:00

    What a crap, people are dying in the street because they have no food en these idiots ,, ,

  • Daniele B.
    10/28/2021 11:49


  • Danish F.
    10/28/2021 11:49

    Next up on the list "take permission from the trans before giving birth to that trans "

  • Ashutosh A.
    10/28/2021 07:23

    Took me twice to understand that it is not a sketch or is it? đŸ€”

  • Debbie J.
    10/28/2021 04:51

    I have 5 children it's rare that I get their names write, I stumble through all their names, they just laugh at me. This would be hard for parents and they will stumble and it's not because they don't care

  • Daniela S.
    10/28/2021 04:13


  • ŰČÙ‡Ű±Ű§Ù† ۱.
    10/28/2021 04:12

    Ù†Ű­Ù† Ù„Ű§ نهŰȘم

  • Drsam R.
    10/27/2021 22:17

    Well ur parents name u whn ur born if u dnt like how tf are thy suppose to knw tht ! Unless ir karen or hitler thrs no fckin reason to change it

  • Hussein H.
    10/27/2021 21:11

    This clowns love drama 😂😂

  • Nur A.
    10/27/2021 20:47


  • Syed B.
    10/27/2021 18:29

    Why people are triggered so easily?

  • Kevin S.
    10/27/2021 18:23

    So stupid

  • Sayem A.
    10/27/2021 18:04

    So they shouldn’t call you anything? I guess that's why Kratos keeps saying BOI huh, seeing how Loki is gender fluid and all.

  • Đ€Ń€Đ°ĐœŃ В.
    10/27/2021 17:33

    Sounds like the word equality refers to superiority, i am not a trans gender person i have a nickname when i was a kid which it sounds so silly and stupid, only some people and family knew that name and my close friends, so what? It didnt hurt me a little bit or having a mental problem, i think the main the problem amongst those transgenders people is their mental from the beginning

  • Ella S.
    10/27/2021 16:10

    Geez why make things so difficult when it can be as easy as changing your bloody name!

  • Brian B.
    10/27/2021 16:09


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