• Dorota B.
    07/17/2020 20:06

    Did that in Odense last year. Great Iniciative...felt so proud 7.5kg of garbage! Please be in Odense more often! Also other locations would be great.

  • Mirwais K.
    07/17/2020 19:21


  • JuJeoo H.
    07/17/2020 05:46

    While trash picking is commendable, i like to direct yoir attention to oil spills that is a major issue! Let us do something!

  • Justice S.
    07/16/2020 17:29

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! 🤗

  • Sue S.
    07/16/2020 14:09

    We are thrilled to see the trash pickers: and the MOST important changes anyone can make in this current global political situation is to affect policy - on every scale. MOST of what is in the ocean is being dumped there by the BOATLOAD to relieve onshore trash expenses and landfills. Talk to ANY member of ANY level of government and make sure that person knows and is accountable.

  • Tigerblue D.
    07/16/2020 13:48

    ... Las personas deben de entender y no ser tan sucias, también es su casa (planeta)

  • Diptesh M.
    07/16/2020 13:27

    Great job......

  • Sin J.
    07/16/2020 13:21

    Stop producing plastic. 1 solution.

  • Veena V.
    07/16/2020 12:30


  • Ariel F.
    07/16/2020 12:11


  • Lilla L.
    07/16/2020 11:22

    Great job. Thank you guys 💐