A growing number of people are ashamed of flying

The "flying shame" is a growing feeling among Swedes who share a concern for the environment, and could well lead to the return of night trains...

04/06/2019 8:39 AM


  • Steve S.
    07/03/2019 01:33

    Yawn.. liberal lies... re invented every 10 years.. 80s we were going to freeze to death.. only way to fix is all your money and control by liberals of your life... 90s ozone hole depleation.. we are going to be burned to death by the sun.. oh and the only solution is the liberal solution of handing over all your money and let liberals control how you live your life.. then.. the 2000s global warming.. we are going to all burn to death.. only way to fix is all your money and control by liberals of your life.. yawn.. 2010s.. climate change.. we are all going to die in 12 years.. only way to fix is all your money and control by liberals of how you live your life.. .. now it's just any bad weather event, which has been happening before time on earth.. .. at some point it's nothing to do with the environment but instead liberals just want control of all your money and to control how you live your life.. .. duh...

  • Steve S.
    07/03/2019 01:32

    OMG... WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE FROM CLIMATE CHANGE....oh... wait a minute... oh it's this weeks liberal scare everyone over fake climate hoax...

  • Erika H.
    06/29/2019 22:42

    The fuel that reigns down on us ruins our air On the day of 9-11 USA stopped all flights in and out of airports for three days the air quality increased by 30 percent what does that tell you ??

  • Nazmul H.
    06/14/2019 01:54

    Wow 😍❤️❤️❤️ great initiative

  • Caroline B.
    06/09/2019 18:57

    Oh Greta. Dear girl, trying to do such good, from a wealthy, pushy family. I think you need to be educated about the different social classes and how many people have to compare prices to travel, often flights are cheaper than trains. Some people don't have a choice and also have to go to school.

  • Tomas W.
    06/09/2019 15:16

    The next great movement will be clothes shame. The production and use of clothes is extremely dirty and CO2 producing. Let 2020 be the first year of not buying more clothes!

  • Jonas P.
    06/09/2019 14:16

    This is bullshit! Tax! Dont shame

  • Pedro F.
    06/08/2019 09:31

    Use bikes!

  • Alice D.
    06/07/2019 16:33

    Go Greta! Born leader. This works for me. Have a slight fear of flying. More eyes need to be on commercial flight! Inordinate share of emissions🌏✈️

  • Abdul M.
    06/06/2019 17:28

    Unless you walk ,cycle or swim you'll still pollute in some form or another .

  • Gustavo P.
    06/06/2019 12:12

    Swedes people are different humans beings that the rest of us!!!

  • Annis N.
    06/06/2019 10:57

    Might as well go back to cavemen era

  • Lindsay G.
    06/06/2019 08:33

    Hard to catch a train across the Atlantic. But once I am in Europe I will take trains whenever I can. Sometimes it doesn't work, usually it does.

  • Claudia B.
    06/06/2019 08:16

    Cruiseships are even worse

  • Elena I.
    06/06/2019 08:13

    Pretty much spending all your vacation on a train... not many can do it

  • Sean G.
    06/06/2019 07:27

    Unfortunately I live on an island so I don't have that luxury 😔 I'd rather a train. Less stressful than flying

  • Goran M.
    06/06/2019 07:07

    It's shame that there is still no initiative for making the maglev network worldwide, at least across the Eurasian continent, with a nuclear power plant in the middle of some "nowhere". It would also connect the areas improving communications and peace efforts by the way ;)

  • Glenn R.
    06/06/2019 07:05

    Nice that some people have so much money so they take 2 weeks of vacation. They are actually saying to poor people, dont travel.

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