• Sheila W.
    03/03/2020 04:32

    Greedy humans once again!

  • Curtis S.
    03/02/2020 18:16

    bad karma is coming for them poachers

  • Vanessa A.
    03/02/2020 07:12

    Again the Chinese are a problem.

  • Ne R.
    03/01/2020 04:41

    we hav d sars merz ncove19 etc.don't ü feel ntures getting back on us.mercy pls.🙏

  • Hazel D.
    02/28/2020 20:16

    The effing Chinese again ... cant they just stick to vegetables and fruit like normal human beings .... and I wish they'd also stop thinking about their dicks - cant they get nsturally aroused - why do they need so many aphrodisiacs - such lower energy pieces of #%#%^

  • Cathy R.
    02/28/2020 20:12

    Water is life!

  • Sonali D.
    02/28/2020 13:32

    Why only go after the poor fishermen, they hardly get peanuts for fishing. What about the gourmet restaurants serving this , they earn several hundred dollars they should also be penalized. Its the demand that generates the supply

  • Manuela M.
    02/28/2020 12:42

    Catch them put in prision are stockades

  • JodVe J.
    02/28/2020 12:21

    It's always China. What a fucked up culture.

  • Vaitheeswaran G.
    02/28/2020 06:54

    Damn... Chinese again

  • Loren L.
    02/28/2020 06:15

    why is it the every eco destruction china is always involve.

  • James T.
    02/28/2020 05:17


  • Jill C.
    02/28/2020 05:01

    Lol for those that got shot or eaten. Stevo Daks you are a twat.

  • Siganus S.
    02/28/2020 04:33

    Mankind will never learn it seems.

  • Ferent E.
    02/28/2020 04:31

    Who the hell looked at that and said :"I bet that tastes delicious " !!!

  • Malta S.
    02/28/2020 03:47

    Yes in my country we call them paua. There are very heavy restrictions on the mollusc seafood but funnily enough it's not usually sold in restaurants in my country. It's a delicacy and has an acquired taste but it's certainly not worth shooting for.

  • Solehah A.
    02/28/2020 01:29

    They are abalone farming these days.. But of course it costs a lot and these people have no choice but to violate the ecosystem

  • Nancy E.
    02/27/2020 23:25

    Can someone tell the f’ing Chinese about viagra

  • Steven B.
    02/27/2020 22:04

    Delicious with Tabasco-Leek Butter, stop moaning and get them in the pan 👍👍👍👍

  • Pauline N.
    02/27/2020 21:40

    yhey should fine the shop owners for buying it then

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