• Alissa M.
    09/30/2017 04:39

    Wtf does someone need a rhino horn for?! So useless. Just leave them alone! The fuck??!?!

  • Martie G.
    09/04/2017 17:39

    Just kill the people who poach...duh.

  • Vicky M.
    09/04/2017 08:39

    I think that they should sell the horns... Once its been taken off pochers they are put it to storage... Y not sell it.

  • Avery B.
    08/31/2017 02:48


  • Milton R.
    08/29/2017 20:25

    Im lost so hes using the rhino horns to raise money to protect them is that what it is?????

  • Zaid Y.
    08/29/2017 04:34

    They both have a valid point but i think if they need to stop him from selling the horns, they have to fund him with the cost of protecting these Rhinos. Otherwise, poachers will continue to kill these animals

  • Maximo V.
    08/28/2017 17:08

    Horns are used for rich people who have lots of money and don't know what else to do in life... and I understand this guys problem because no one is really doing anything to save animals.. I don't see America sending troops to save them not unless they had oil or gold or something worth taking other than horns.

  • Christopher B.
    08/27/2017 21:42

    http://www.radiolab.org/story/rhino-hunter/ I urge everyone to listen to this podcast, it's a hard task to see both sides of the coin.

  • Tyles B.
    08/27/2017 21:32

    Is that a question at the end? Profit? I'd say this is about protection

  • Tonino R.
    08/27/2017 21:05

    Fighting peace with war is just like fuck to preserve virginity hhah

  • Jason C.
    08/27/2017 20:59

    Why do you need Rhino horn.....why

  • Ionian I.
    08/27/2017 20:50

    "Hired his own private army" Question; Who supplied the army and where do they come from?

  • Ionian I.
    08/27/2017 20:49

    This story is not concluded. Either; 1) he will secure enough $$$ from the auction to expand his protection racket and bankroll anti-poaching forces, or; 2) he will invest in more rhinos and gear up for the next auction. But even then there's other stages beyond those to consider. And either direction he plans, will likely not be divulged on account that the best strategy on either is element of surprise. My two cents.

  • Theron F.
    08/27/2017 20:33

    or you could just blow shit up

  • Pappy B.
    08/27/2017 20:06

    Tudo de bom

  • Ron R.
    08/27/2017 19:47

    The answer is no by the simple fact that this still puts a bounty on them; the artificial dna replicated ones are the answer. To me the act of raising these rhinos are a cash crop to a asshole that wants to justify the price.

  • Gare B.
    08/27/2017 19:44

    Finally some one had the fucking sense! I figured this out as a child!

  • James J.
    08/27/2017 19:38

    No, if you allow a legal market then illegal items will enter it. Plus what he's suggesting is farming rhinos which can't possibly be the answer.

  • Sam O.
    08/27/2017 18:59

    You're dammed if you do, and you're dammed if you don't!

  • Jeremy H.
    08/27/2017 18:51

    kill the poachers and hang them up on his property fences

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