• Dave C.
    08/26/2017 09:55

    No. Creates a market. Will encourage further persecution of rhinos

  • Caroline H.
    08/26/2017 14:51

    Mad as it does nothing, it's hair. Educate people that there it's not medicinal in any way, hopefully it will get through to a few people.

  • Dylan L.
    08/26/2017 22:40

    It's better than them dieing. So do it. Yes it will create a market but it is now a manageable one.

  • Crystal M.
    08/26/2017 22:46

    He's doing exactly what needs to be done.

  • Crystal M.
    08/26/2017 22:47

    No one will try and kill a rhino without a horn. It's pointless so if he has to sell the horn to protect them from poaching good

  • Nicolas P.
    08/26/2017 23:03

    It shouldn't be privately run it should be government run.

  • Flora G.
    08/26/2017 23:06

    I can understand there is a great cost involved but this can only make matters worse. If he cannot afford it, he should not make a living from it. If he feeds this horrendous industry it will create more and more demand

  • Zac H.
    08/26/2017 23:18

    You fucking cunt I hope he gets shot

  • Josh B.
    08/26/2017 23:21

    If hes truely the only man willing to save these animals then fuck what anybody else thinks get the profit you need to keep them alive the evil word here is profit its sad what hes doing he has to pay for to save these animals because people are vicoious for money save the animals kill the humans id pay much more for a poachers head than a rhinos horn

  • Elias C.
    08/26/2017 23:22

    This feels like a pick the lesser of two evils situation and I don't like it

  • Matt G.
    08/26/2017 23:53

    Looks like another guy trying to make money on suffering of animals. He trying to push his agenda in selling rhinos horns and make it looks legitimate. Don't think that is the way we should go with. Cut rhinos horns and selling them ,feeding the market, to protect the same rhinos , pliissss.He just want to have legitimate rhino horns farm. Maybe he should sell his organs on black market to protect his farm .

  • Mimi W.
    08/27/2017 00:00

    NO WAY.

  • Tony S.
    08/27/2017 00:28

    Well unfortunately this is being cruel to be kind and these prescious beasts could be snuffed out of the face of the earth for ever whilst people argue politics and idealism if they were worth more alive than dead it wouldnt be like this you cant blame the guy for for creating a balance in this cruell world when will people pay multiples of thousands just to see them in their own habitat or and then pay to get there and stay aswell not many but i bet you there is a que of people linning up to pay thousands just to shoot at 1

  • Chris L.
    08/27/2017 00:39

    can he not stain the horns ?

  • Charles K.
    08/27/2017 00:46

    Atleast he doesn't kill it.

  • Ellie G.
    08/27/2017 00:53

    Mixed feelings on this. ...

  • Arron L.
    08/27/2017 00:57

    It's very simple. Demand will always be there. So instead if whining about it like most do with matters like this, this man has seen a way to stop the killing (which is the goal here) and fund his farm for more of the rhinos..... im having difficulty seeing an issue.

  • Garrett P.
    08/27/2017 01:10

    That is a stupid idea. That won't stop it, but increase it. You'll get under cut by the poachers.

  • Dino Z.
    08/27/2017 01:13

    Alice C.

  • Alex L.
    08/27/2017 01:24