• Pat B.
    04/14/2019 12:31

    Here is a real pollution problem that needs to be taken seriously, not CO2 and climate change which we can not affect!

  • John S.
    04/13/2019 13:27

    So inconvenient though.

  • Brenda B.
    04/13/2019 04:22

    they let balloons fly

  • Rowena B.
    04/09/2019 00:28

    we need to lessen if not irradiate the superfluous packaging. Far to much produce is wrapped when it shouldn't be. One suggestion is to unwrap at check out and give it back to the supervisor on the floor. If enough of us did that they would pressure suppliers to sort it out. That works better than not buying the products.

  • Martin D.
    04/08/2019 21:45

    this is where i host my news show and i have a daily playlist ... id appreciate it if youd join and maybe watch sometimes...

  • Agnes M.
    04/08/2019 19:27

    Great initiative, but why are we shown people releasing balloons to celebrate? They're just as bad as plastic bags.

  • Sivan N.
    04/08/2019 15:17

    A big salute to Austrailan People and the Government. This kind of spine by the Government and the Cooperation by public is lacking in India.

  • Sarah S.
    04/07/2019 17:33


  • Nancy L.
    04/07/2019 04:05


  • Cris E.
    04/06/2019 09:57


  • Steven M.
    04/04/2019 15:07

    I propose that we all ban tooth picks while we are at it, along with toy balloons and drinking straws. That way we feel less guilty about the big things we do wrong. If the goal is to strive for the irrelevant over the important, we are right on track.

  • Richard G.
    04/03/2019 23:35

    this week on bullshit

  • Judit F.
    04/03/2019 14:42

    Not long time ago, in a short distanced past like 30-40 years ago people was going with their bags to shop! it's not something new. Jst remember life before plastic production

  • Lisa R.
    04/02/2019 18:09

    Awesome!! More if this!!

  • Phf T.
    04/01/2019 23:28

    Germany and nearly all of Europe as CA has been doing it forever. Australia is so far behind in everything, it’s a joke! Time to wake up to the rest of the world!!!

  • Phf T.
    04/01/2019 23:25

    Funny! Aldi has been doing this since the beginning of business, yet it took Australia so many decades to realise this had to be done nation wide. Where’s the recognition for Aldi actually being the the FIRST in Australia to start it up and also sell more products without the BS plastic packaging around it.

  • Sean C.
    04/01/2019 22:57

    Just means I'm paying 15c now for my rubbish bags instead of Free👍

  • Gilly B.
    04/01/2019 22:29

    80% of statistics are made up on the spot. Is this verified as 80% of total or 80% of grocery bags.

  • Jon D.
    04/01/2019 22:01


  • Liz D.
    04/01/2019 20:25

    I bring my own bags all the time now. There are washable produce bags that you can buy.

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