• Jeremy L.
    02/01/2018 01:50

    the future

  • Pablo M.
    01/31/2018 22:31


  • Paul S.
    01/31/2018 20:34


  • Gary B.
    01/31/2018 20:14

    No it doesn't. It produces electricity not solar energy.

  • Jay P.
    01/31/2018 18:02

    this was what we were talked him about the other day

  • Anthony W.
    01/31/2018 17:39

    gotta learn mando asap

  • Munkh-Ochir J.
    01/31/2018 17:21

    Why? They don’t have land to place the solar panels or something?

  • Alex G.
    01/31/2018 15:28

    what I was telling u about

  • Shaun A.
    01/31/2018 13:19

    Connor Jenkins

  • Pete A.
    01/31/2018 13:11

    Total bollocks what a huge waste of time

  • James S.
    01/31/2018 11:35

    Suppose it's a start in their reduction of pumping out shit into the skies. Always wanted to wear a surgical mask to walk to the shops.

  • Vic T.
    01/31/2018 09:38

    I'm sure Facebook is reading what's written haha this popped up.

  • Oscar I.
    01/31/2018 09:29

    Solar highways are the stupidest and most costly way of generating electricity from the sun. Open your eyes, there are WAY cheaper, more convenient and a gazillion times more eficient places to lay a solar panel than a road, which is probably one of the most wearing and stressful places to do such thing. Get a panel in a roof, will make 30 times as much energy for the cost than the stupid solar highways.

  • Christian T.
    01/31/2018 08:53

    Magnus Töppel the funny guys from China.

  • Stephen S.
    01/31/2018 07:57

    Coming to Sweden soon

  • Mike D.
    01/31/2018 07:34

    Yeah lets trust chinese drivers opinions on how safe the road is to drive...

  • Kieran W.
    01/31/2018 07:26

    No they dont.

  • Liam M.
    01/31/2018 07:14

    Pot holes and pollution will be its downfall.

  • Robert B.
    01/31/2018 06:21

    The money would have been much better spent producing standard angled solar panels. Not only will these have awful efficiency due to the fact they're laying flat. But you're constantly going to have cars obscuring the panel. Not to mention maintenance due to vehicles of various shapes and sizes driving across them, meaning that roads will have to close to repair and issues. For once China making a very stupid decision

  • Adam R.
    01/31/2018 05:47

    this is what I was talking about Sat.