• Fenis F.
    07/19/2021 00:03

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  • Armel T.
    07/10/2021 11:47


  • Александр Д.
    06/30/2021 04:46

    Hasbullah is tired of cocaine too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEi8WqTP6jg%D0%BF%D0%BF%D0%BF%D0%BF%D0%BF

  • Aaron W.
    05/26/2021 01:49

    think twice!

  • Adam B.
    05/23/2021 12:17


  • Nicholas F.
    05/23/2021 09:52

    the cost in human lives for a 15 minute buzz is also something to be considered

  • Raphael P.
    05/22/2021 21:29

    Dont worry about it my president is burning more square foots of the Amazonia per day just to let his friends raise cattle..

  • Jan S.
    05/21/2021 08:55

    Make it legal. End of the problem. It saves billions of dollars. And they can't win the fight against it.

  • Primate B.
    05/20/2021 21:16

    Make it legal, charge taxes, end an endless war

  • Hamilton M.
    05/20/2021 16:02


  • Julián C.
    05/20/2021 12:57

    Using Alvaro uribe to speak about the cocaine problem is like using the NRA to speak about mass murders or school shootings...

  • Juni N.
    05/20/2021 09:24


  • Rickie M.
    05/20/2021 04:43

    and a hell of a lot of other costs too the stuff kills people and ruins lives

  • Sekar P.
    05/20/2021 02:09

    Every body should help to maintain good environment

  • Charifa T.
    05/20/2021 00:42

    Hypocrisy the governments throw themselves more then half away while knowing they have plantages what causes more problems by making and throwing in the Amazon river all that waste and danger to other life such as wild life etc

  • Lisa D.
    05/20/2021 00:22

    Drop incendiary bombs on the area but not populated area. Do a Vietnam do-over.

  • Anthony W.
    05/19/2021 22:13

    Oh shit...I've been taking coke for 30 years!!! I must be responsible for the deforestation of South America 🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔

  • Marcus S.
    05/19/2021 21:23


  • Rita D.
    05/19/2021 20:45

    Aan alle cocaïneverslaafden en gebruikers in heel de wereld ; JULLIE ZIJN DE GROOTSTE OORZAAK VAN DEZE CRIMINALITEIT . Stop er NU mee , stop ermee.

  • Miguel A.
    05/19/2021 19:19

    Dear brut nature, Alvaro Uribe Vélez is the first person interested in exporting cocaine to USA, so please avoid using videos of him blatantly lying about those subjects, yeah, cocaine has a widely known negative impact on our country that is going through hard times caused by decades of the government of this genocide, paramilitar, and narco dictator who still to this day continues to manipulate the whole nation and the current president, please remove this video, do not make propaganda of this person, this is compared to making propaganda of Hitler or Pinochet. Thank you.