• Brian T.
    07/07/2021 21:02

    that 's the stupidest idea ive ever heard...anybody can surf...you dumfuck..if I try to sell crack on your corner..i'd be shot... so consider yourself lucky..

  • Anthony W.
    05/23/2021 17:11

    Thx for this share , truly inspiring , WHO KNEW- BUT WE RISE

  • Bradley K.
    03/16/2021 02:55

    love this, "color the water".

  • Amos H.
    03/15/2021 21:21

    Every one is welcome in TANGAROA FFS black white yellow red green any race and make sure you RESPECT TANGAROA only a surfer knows the feeling mofos 😜🤙

  • Jason W.
    03/15/2021 16:59


  • Kelvin T.
    03/15/2021 15:58

    I always though that surfers have this unwritten rule that they belong to a subculture and everyone is welcome.

  • Raquiyah M.
    03/15/2021 14:33

    Beautiful!!! <3 <3

  • Robert P.
    03/15/2021 13:35

    Yes sharks

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