Donald Trump U-turns on foreign policy

President Donald J. Trump changed his mind on many foreign policy issues this month.

04/21/2017 9:00 PM
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  • Haydn A.
    04/22/2017 03:25

    When you gather new Intel, you change your mind.... That's any same person

  • Kevin A.
    04/22/2017 03:32

    Its almost like people learn.

  • Moncho A.
    04/22/2017 03:34

    this was funny

  • Antonio R.
    04/22/2017 05:56

    Jajajajajajaja this is the most stupid president that people have voted for. He is a joke to this country

  • Chelsea N.
    04/22/2017 06:11


  • Cody H.
    04/22/2017 06:34

    Fuck yea Trump you the man

  • Jehú R.
    04/22/2017 09:23


  • Marlon D.
    04/22/2017 10:29

    Dumb assjhole

  • Sam A.
    04/22/2017 10:56

    Adebiyi Charles

  • Geoffrey F.
    04/22/2017 10:57

    The problem is, he still has his head firmly shoved up his ass. The only policy is he has changed on are ones which he really had no choice but to change on (or was told to do so by his daughter because she saw YouTube video). How are his opinions changing when it comes to global warming? Still denying it? How about the denigration of women or assault on science? How about our education system? No...not impressed in the slightest.

  • Giuseppe P.
    04/22/2017 12:28

    Atleaat he didnt say he never said NATO was obsolete. He acknowledged he said it once and then corrected himself. If only he did that with everything he said

  • Pete W.
    04/22/2017 12:56

    God damn it. How can people even listen to this fool?

  • Cephora A.
    04/22/2017 13:47

    He is the dumbest man on earth

  • Mus T.
    04/22/2017 14:32

    If you don't like what he says....just wait a day or so. He changes like the weather. The great windsock!

  • Zudo M.
    04/22/2017 15:34

    No offense my dear Americans brothers and sisters ur government knows exactly wat they r doing and this clown is just a distraction

  • Derek W.
    04/22/2017 17:12

    get weekend woke fam

  • Carlos S.
    04/22/2017 19:34

    Earth day

  • Paul S.
    04/22/2017 20:16

    And his supporters don't care. They didn't vote for him because of his policies. They voted for him because he is a racist.

  • Josse F.
    04/22/2017 20:30

    With all due respect president Trump, you are bipolar and a joke....

  • Giovanni R.
    04/22/2017 20:39

    hes just now catching up to what everyone has been aware of for at least a decade,there is no excuse for anyone in power to be this ignorant