Easter Island : the mystery of its native culture

What happened to the Rapa Nui people who once lived on Easter Island? No one seems to know for sure...

07/06/2018 6:43 AM


  • Mel O.
    07/20/2018 20:19

    Europeans attacked and destroyed nations, cultures, religions, languages, civilizations, people, freedom, wealth, health of the inhabitants of wherever they went. And the irony of it all, they claimed they wanted to ''CIVILIZE'' the ''BARBARIANS''. I wonder who was the uncivilized and barbarians? Those who attacked and destroyed or the peaceful people who did not know other places existed?

  • Cawil X.
    07/19/2018 17:36


  • Kaytren F.
    07/19/2018 16:40

    So one of their theories is that their religion caused the people to ignore the fragile nature of their environment which lead to their own demise. Sound familiar?

  • Shirleym J.
    07/19/2018 16:26