Foie gras, a dish as popular as it is controversial

It is a well known Christmas delicacy in France. Yet, L214 Ethique et Animaux revealed new footage to condemn a practice so controversial that many countries have banned it. Here is why foie gras is stirring up controversy again.

12/12/2019 5:31 PM


  • Cindy W.
    6 days

    Force feeding wtf

  • Kevin L.
    04/29/2021 07:55

    Stop it

  • Kevin L.
    04/29/2021 07:54


  • Charles O.
    04/26/2021 12:24

    No wonder France has such a high rate of Covid cases,and deaths

  • Lorraine L.
    04/23/2021 14:37

    Absolutely disgusting cruel and vile!

  • Vince S.
    04/18/2021 20:07

    Don’t eat it and never will quit buying it

  • Potan M.
    04/17/2021 17:36

    We don't deserve these animals.. it breaks my heart knowing the truth of the famously talked-about delicacy 😭

  • Cynthia K.
    04/14/2021 10:29

    Nasty practice and very cruel

  • Susan W.
    04/13/2021 11:37

    Vile and disgusting

  • Amy H.
    04/11/2021 12:49

    I just do not understand how any human can be so cruel to another living thing 😢

  • Huda H.
    04/09/2021 18:16

    Go to hell straight

  • Barbara Z.
    04/05/2021 12:19


  • Barbara Z.
    04/05/2021 12:18

    Ezt az ållatkinzast. Ez szörnyű!

  • Stuart C.
    04/04/2021 10:50

    Aye ye can keep this yin ya carrot crunchin Veganists!! Foie Gras is fekn boggin!! Mone the meat tho, keep it coming xx

  • Carol E.
    03/30/2021 17:23

    Disgusting, the birds have feelings and deserve to have a quality of life like everything on this planet

  • Raynor R.
    03/27/2021 08:20

    uhmm yummy 😂

  • Salina L.
    03/20/2021 16:49

    This world is cruel I my self wish I was never born is such a horrible environment 😢

  • Shinderpal K.
    03/13/2021 09:40

    Bejuban innocent animals te julm ataychar na Karo

  • Carole J.
    03/12/2021 10:36


  • Vanessa P.
    02/12/2021 12:04

    Absolutely disgusting!!! Also who supplies companies with these horrendous machines and crates?? I see Covid as The World's Revenge, dont feel sad for the people but for the innocent animals 💔

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