Global warming is killing the seals of lake Saimaa in Finland.

These man-made snow banks could be the only way to save the seals living in lake Saimaa in Finland.

02/16/2018 4:17 PM


  • Kwen Z.
    02/18/2018 00:09

    Thank you

  • Connor L.
    02/17/2018 20:30

    you are also the last of your species 😉ahaaa

  • Ginger S.
    02/17/2018 18:54

    Christopher John

  • Rose M.
    02/17/2018 18:09

    See. When can do this. Build platforms for polar bears and seals. Anyone dumping plastic should be in prison. We can change this world for the next generations

  • Tarek A.
    02/17/2018 10:18

    apnar seal naki?

  • Doris D.
    02/16/2018 18:11

    It's too bad that our President doesn't believe in global warming.