Greta Thunberg's speech at Davos 2020

"Our house is still on fire. Your inaction is fueling the flames by the hour." Greta Thunberg faced off with world leaders again at Davos. Same place, same observation, one year after.

01/21/2020 3:54 PM


  • Odufote A.
    09/17/2020 00:25

    Now we have literally run out of names for hurricanes.

  • Sami K.
    02/19/2020 02:27

    Blah blah blah

  • Daniel R.
    02/10/2020 00:29

    Go away

  • Stasi G.
    02/03/2020 03:22

    Re-Gretta watch this

  • Susan S.
    01/28/2020 19:41

    If we have a conscience then we will do all that we can to help stop climate change, politiciand and most of all everyone else from all countries..

  • Steve B.
    01/28/2020 00:51

    Brain washed little twit

  • Levi V.
    01/27/2020 05:43

    Looks more and more like Gollum! Scary!

  • Tida B.
    01/25/2020 06:27

    She is toking how ALUMINIUM OXIDE destroyed our PLANET RT .She is pinokio,

  • Iacobescu D.
    01/25/2020 01:29

    Mindless puppet. With disgusting cowardly puppeteers pulling her strings.

  • Karim G.
    01/24/2020 19:31

    HOW DEAR You

  • Andrew C.
    01/24/2020 16:58

    I can't stand this little snob

  • Suely F.
    01/24/2020 12:35

    Nossa!!!!! Como ela tem a cabeça grande.kkkkkkkkkkk

  • Carl H.
    01/24/2020 03:42

    This is what we've come to?

  • Brenda P.
    01/23/2020 22:55

    Brainwashed child

  • Ray S.
    01/23/2020 21:50

    And the cave men caused the ice age from cooking with coal

  • Cooper R.
    01/23/2020 18:55

    Aren't you supposed to be in school?

  • Don M.
    01/23/2020 16:43

    Admire the years of research and publishing she has done. Ha, Ha, Ha,..

  • Mary S.
    01/23/2020 13:10

    Haat en paniek verspreiden is in de ogen van God, geen optie.

  • Mary S.
    01/23/2020 13:10

    Met leugens vertellen die je van anderen hebt geleerd of blindelings hebt aangenomen is de wereld niet geholpen, God heeft de wereld perfect geschapen, en de wereld reageert zoals hij al miljoenen jaren doet de ijskappen die smelten brengen vers water in de zee broodnodig om de vervuiling er uit te spoelen, als jij iets meer vertrouwen hebt in God en haar het werk laat doen komt alles goed.

  • Joyfitt J.
    01/23/2020 11:26

    I can't stand media fabricated icons

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