How to limit your impact on biodiversity

Spending time in nature, avoiding plastic, planting seeds to provide food for insects... Here's how we can limit our impact on biodiversity. Episode 7 of our series of stories on eco-citizen initiatives with French author Julien Vidal.

05/26/2019 8:41 AM


  • Elena T.
    06/01/2019 00:47


  • Tbr R.
    05/31/2019 21:41

    Best Amazing.

  • Hassane M.
    05/31/2019 15:36


  • DrMeena J.
    05/31/2019 14:18

    He is using plastic cart and card and telling others not to use ,What's the point ? People all over are trying to avoid using plastic now at their level best .Hope we become plastic free in coming years !

  • TauFan T.
    05/31/2019 07:38

    Ordinary people start change n planting n care environtment. But Capitalist dont care n enjoy only benefits from what people doing. What a wonderfull world

  • Om A.
    05/30/2019 10:32


  • Keba D.
    05/30/2019 09:05


  • Oscar O.
    05/29/2019 20:48

    Una actividad que merece ser practicada regularmente por todos.

  • Mokbul H.
    05/29/2019 20:26

    I personally believe in the use of natural objects and we would like to go back in our ancestors traditions. It may not be possible now. To inform people about its advantage & disadvantage but it's very time consuming. Because people today believe in modernity.

  • Farid R.
    05/29/2019 13:29

    parle des palistiniens que chaque jour son masacré ou lieu de parles des plants

  • Qamardin K.
    05/29/2019 13:02

    Tbark Allah Ahsnul Khalqeen.

  • Sonia B.
    05/29/2019 10:24

    Ici malheureusement c' est un sujet totalement occulté est grand temps d' ouvrir les yeux sur une catastrophe annoncée.

  • Magdalena I.
    05/28/2019 22:05

    Chapeau, tres bien

  • Laurence C.
    05/26/2019 10:04

    Look who's talking about biodiversity

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