• Jeanette S.
    12/01/2018 16:20

    One of the most overworked overlooked animals. Totally sick of these two places .

  • Caleb F.
    09/22/2018 12:11

    “Medicinal donkey”

  • Wendy S.
    09/22/2018 08:44

    China again barbaric 😈😈😈

  • Kym K.
    09/21/2018 20:57

    I’ve heard arsenic is great for ones libido.

  • Patricia E.
    09/21/2018 19:52

    Damn the Chinese and their stupid medecines😡😡😡

  • Sarah A.
    09/21/2018 12:13

    red barn donkey sanctuary

  • Brigitte L.
    09/21/2018 11:19

    Well I suppose it’s a very slight improvement on Human trafficking ! When will Humans just get over them selves and realise that they are no better than any other life from on this planet

  • Linde K.
    09/21/2018 05:37

    Total evil..These animals need to be saved

  • Janet T.
    09/19/2018 21:37

    They suck

  • Jamie G.
    09/19/2018 11:29

    JFC what do the Chinese NOT use for "lack of libido"? It's not like as a country they could do with less people and children FFS. Why should animals always have to suffer because they can't get their scrawny dicks up?

  • Jamie G.
    09/19/2018 11:28

    The Chinese cut chunks of flesh off the donkeys while they're still alive.

  • Mary C.
    09/19/2018 03:07

    Chinese are going to start eating there own grandparents soon...they have eaten everything else 😠😠

  • Harry G.
    09/18/2018 15:56

    Man is the largest parasite upon the face of the earth!

  • Brian L.
    09/18/2018 14:41

    Some time in 2012 the earth passed the point of no return idiots wgaf

  • Amir M.
    09/18/2018 13:54

    Why is south africa considering this if these animals are so essential to the poorest comunities? Tsc

  • Himas H.
    09/17/2018 23:15

    What is up with these Chinese?? Goodness gracious 😡 why can’t the rest of the world push them to stop.. it can’t be that hard.

  • Sean H.
    09/17/2018 23:11

    The Chinese eat and kill everything. Holy hell...

  • Allen R.
    09/17/2018 20:45

    China loves to kill for greed.

  • Michelle W.
    09/17/2018 17:39

    Really....F... China, enough was long ago👿😤👿

  • Jane M.
    09/17/2018 15:40

    Why do the Chinese need a potion for libidos. Aren’t they trying to REDUCE the population with the ‘one child’ system. Seriously!?!!? Don’t they know that eating rat makes your dong bigger?! 😉

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