India: Sikkim is the first organic state in the world

There is a place where using chemical fertilizers is a crime, where the farmland is 100% organic, and where a major reforestation campaign is underway. Welcome to Sikkim, the first organic state in India and the world.

01/16/2019 7:57 AM
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  • Maggie C.
    01/27/2020 04:15

    How extraordinary...shows what a concerted effort can produce.

  • Jagmohan S.
    01/27/2020 02:51

    Good for human beings

  • Bhutia L.
    01/27/2020 02:14

    My beautiful State ❤❤❤

  • Monika P.
    03/17/2019 18:46

    Where there is will there is a way.

  • Erika T.
    01/25/2019 23:36

    <3 This! We need to be more like Sikkim.

  • Fred P.
    01/18/2019 08:21

    Terence Liu

  • Mona E.
    01/17/2019 19:10


  • Stephane B.
    01/17/2019 18:17

    un espoir...

  • Lukas M.
    01/17/2019 07:33

    Славен Васиѕ

  • Monique D.
    01/17/2019 06:18

    Amazing! The world should follow suit!

  • Greg O.
    01/17/2019 04:43

    Hey Tennessee ! This is what pro-agriculture really looks like.

  • Stephany M.
    01/17/2019 04:36

    This is a miracle come true! Congratulations to Sikkim, who disregarded the nay sayers and just DID it. You have the respect of all the rest of us! Well done!

  • Filomena P.
    01/16/2019 20:54

    Come on Australia. Learn something from this!!

  • Fleur d.
    01/16/2019 16:56

    Monsanto Company there's LIFE without you.

  • Helmut Z.
    01/16/2019 14:12

    A wonderful example what can be done for a win win no matter what your ideology. It takes a political will, which unfortunately is almost impossible as long as we are under the illusion that we are living under a democratic system. As long as just a few dictate and control our governments decisions. Our Constitution is a living document to be changed when appropriate. Democracy is not Freedom for whatever we wish to do. A social awareness of survival is part of it. Stop calling this Socialism.

  • Mizanur R.
    01/16/2019 13:44

    Love you Sikkim ❤ Dear people of the world Please don't believe in harmful chemicals But believe in natural ways

  • Albino C.
    01/16/2019 10:20

    Na india só á poluição!

  • Clare B.
    01/16/2019 09:46

    McGinty how fabulous is this! Would b awesome to visit!

  • Aamirah P.
    01/16/2019 09:36

    Naveen Krishnasamy - in the North!

  • Aamirah P.
    01/16/2019 09:34

    please can we go here?