Indonesia wants to clean the Citarum

The Indonesian government has a new challenge: cleaning "the world's most polluted river".

03/06/2018 7:32 PM
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  • Alberto S.
    11/30/2018 10:28

    It is difficult to correct bad habits ... You have to teach children in schools so you do not have to punish adults in the future.

  • François J.
    11/13/2018 12:17

    If that will function ! Come to Brazil and clean our rivers, lakes and beaches too !

  • Damien C.
    11/13/2018 11:04

    No wonder nature obliterates Indonesia often through tsunami to avenge for the damage inflicted through pollution by it's people

  • Lorraine M.
    11/11/2018 18:22

    Got clean this up guys

  • Michelle B.
    11/11/2018 11:25

    After seeing spotless japan we should take a leaf out of their book

  • John M.
    11/11/2018 07:10

    They made the mess...lets the bastards fix it themselves...absolutely no respect for these morons....yet they constantly ask for more foreign aid...see this and all you can say is ...nuh....bugger em.

  • Nicholas P.
    11/10/2018 18:20

    Penalizing or fining companies which polite won’t do a thing. They will just budget it in as an expense. Shut them down.

  • Paul K.
    11/10/2018 03:20

    Let go for a paddle😂

  • Thomas W.
    11/09/2018 19:49

    Imagine how nice that would look without the rubbish, never mind how much better for the environment.

  • Indriani S.
    11/09/2018 16:28

    Yeah right like they care, the government couldn't give a toss. They too busy to do another corruption

  • Earth b.
    11/09/2018 15:24

    Should be everybodies challenge !

  • Joseph R.
    11/09/2018 09:00

    One drop of mercury will pollute an acre size of lake I don’t think this river is ever going to be contaminant free it’s well beyond repair.

  • Sheila M.
    11/09/2018 02:43

    Oh gosh I can’t imagine the smell

  • Mark W.
    11/08/2018 22:06

    Let God clean it up.

  • Jonathan D.
    11/08/2018 18:01

    A large amount of Asia and Africa looks similar to this.

  • Bethany J.
    11/08/2018 17:20

    Sad. I hope this works out!

  • Mowgly G.
    11/08/2018 16:57

    Dirthy nation not all but à lot Indonésien gouvernement suck à lot

  • Hazel R.
    11/08/2018 15:08

    Maybe large corporations that produce the rubbish could offer some help and education?

  • Ed G.
    11/08/2018 14:31

    drop the bomb on the fuckers

  • Anett B.
    11/08/2018 13:08

    Hope they teach the children how to protect and jot to destroy the enviroment 👏❤