Interview with Vincent Callebaut about new pioneering urban models

Underwater cities, "oceanscrapers" and whales swimming near your home. Here's how the city of tomorrow could look like according to architect-designer Vincent Callebaut.

06/24/2018 3:02 PM
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  • Jayde R.
    04/25/2019 12:12

    BRUT, I’m so disappointed in this irresponsible post. Please do more homework. Please do some research about actual systems before broadcasting images of “futures” that only consider form.

  • Ferdi A.
    04/25/2019 11:11


  • Martina P.
    04/24/2019 14:32

  • Edgard S.
    04/23/2019 16:46

    Keep the Earth clean and empty and dig underground rather than spoil the environment shattered by "your voracious teeths"

  • Nikki S.
    04/23/2019 09:03

    Looks amazing alot of thought has gone into this but 🤔 what about our sea life? Our waste? We are simply over populated & too selfish to clean up our place we call ours 🌏 Earth which we share with all living creatures! Change must happen & now more than ever before there is nothing left 😥

  • Navi P.
    04/23/2019 03:06

    En el mundo del futuro siempre me veo, soy de ideas y deseos de avanzada , hoy siento que no llegaré a vivir en un lugar así , porque el mundo de hoy, detiene todo lo que podría dar lo mejor para éste planeta en el futuro próximo inmediato, pero quiero ser optimista, y pensar mas en las generaciones venideras, ojala pudiéramos dejarles el camino limpio y sin obstaculos. Por un mundo mejor, siempre se podrá hacer algo .... Adiós...

  • Borgy B.
    04/22/2019 22:53

    Hopefully there are no plastics covering your windows when you wake up.

  • Iohan B.
    04/22/2019 21:06

    top 10 utopias

  • Ax L.
    04/22/2019 20:47

    If whales and we live that long. Your future is a shopping scheme

  • Mund R.
    04/22/2019 19:19

    what about hurricanes and tsunamis? is it resillient?

  • Tuhina D.
    04/22/2019 19:12

    Have done enough damage to our earth.....Spare the oceans please!

  • Tyler C.
    04/22/2019 18:34

    By the time we get to this all the whales will be dead.

  • Silvano U.
    04/22/2019 18:28

    Now that we destroyed the lands it is obviously time to move forward to oceans right

  • John M.
    04/22/2019 18:21

    What a load of nonsense.

  • Albino C.
    04/22/2019 18:13

    Ja deviam ter feito casas destas para melhorar o mundo e não ter muita poluição!

  • Nicole R.
    04/22/2019 17:56

    Should trial one and see how it goes

  • Dee D.
    04/22/2019 17:45

    What a terrible idea...

  • Michael G.
    04/22/2019 17:42

    Gotta' be tough to get those structures fully, uhh, "dried in"? ;)

  • Jason F.
    04/22/2019 17:41

    This is hardly an original idea. And within 10 years? Yeah, sure... Good luck with that.

  • Hilary N.
    04/22/2019 17:33

    so what happens to the waste and sewage produced?