Iranian Woman Sets Self on Fire After Stadium Arrest

After potentially facing prison after attending a soccer match disguised as a man, Sahar Khodayari died by suicide after setting herself on fire. FIFA is now under pressure over women being banned from sports events in Iran.

Blue Girl puts pressure on Iran

Sahar Khodayari was an Iranian woman. She went to a soccer match. She was arrested. She then set herself on fire. Iranian women’s rights activist Sahar was only 29 years old. She dressed like a boy to sneak into a stadium in Iran, where women are banned. She was stopped by security forces to do a body search. At that moment, she said, “Don’t touch me, I am a woman.” She got arrested and the official media announced that her arrest was for wearing an inappropriate hijab and arguing with the security forces. She went in front of the court and as soon as she found out that she has to go to prison for 6 months, then she set herself on fire and she died in hospital.

“I really, really hope that something positive will happen, now that we have paid with our blood, now that we’ve gone to prison… I hope that this will bring some good to us. But I say that FIFA is complicit in this crime. FIFA is complicit with Iran. FIFA claims that it puts pressure on Iran, but that isn’t true. If it wanted to put pressure, it wouldn’t allow the championship to be held in Iran, it would forbid Iran from playing, it would bar Iran from all the international competitions,” Iranian activist Zeinab Sahafi pleads.

Zeinab was one of the first Iranian women to disguise herself as a man to get around the ban. Zeinab left Iran in August 2019. Since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iranian women have not had the right to attend men’s soccer games — even though there is no formal prohibition written into the law. In 2018, a petition was launched to allow women to enter the stadiums. The prohibition was lifted temporarily in 2018 so women could participate in the broadcast of World Cup games.


09/14/2019 11:58 AM
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  • Hatif T.
    09/14/2019 12:02

    Well deserved.

  • Justin M.
    09/14/2019 12:05

    Terrible news

  • Mashrür R.
    09/14/2019 12:10

    So backwards and backdated some countries rules are. If this rule is imposed from an Islamic point of views I seriously wanna see the reference. As a practicing Muslim, being born and brought up in a Muslim household iI have never heard about the existence of such a harsh rule.

  • Rachana S.
    09/14/2019 12:15

    Such a place exists in 2019. 👀

  • Emilio T.
    09/14/2019 12:17

    Islamic culture for ya. Proven time over time.

  • Kelechi C.
    09/14/2019 12:20

    Ban Iran from all soccer sports related activities until the lift the ban on women. Also ban them from competing in any Olympics game until they do what is right and give women their rights.

  • Rhianda
    09/14/2019 12:21

    I think she is shia. Because muslim woman in my country can do anything they want in islam way.

  • JoAnn K.
    09/14/2019 12:36

    gender apartheid! yes!

  • Swasti N.
    09/14/2019 12:38

    Shocking ang immensely regressive practice..

  • Pauline F.
    09/14/2019 12:39

    all i can is if you dńt want policy in a certain place and u dnt want to obey their rules then leave .

  • Võ C.
    09/14/2019 12:39


  • Vaniel B.
    09/14/2019 12:40


  • Debbie G.
    09/14/2019 12:44

    This is such a brave young woman. I support her for her efforts to change the way Iran treats a woman. As an American, I can't imagine not being allowed into a stadium to watch a game. Iran the world has evolved it is time you evolved also. As humans, we were not meant to stand still but to grow. You have created laws that only intend on holding a woman back. Men are not superior and should not be made to think they are. Stop trying to control woman. The world is a much better place with woman

  • Matthew P.
    09/14/2019 12:52

    Iran needs to be banned untill it can join the 20th century.... you know, the one that ended 20 YEARS AGO

  • Raihana A.
    09/14/2019 12:52

    Isn’t her reaction a bit match?

  • Muhammad H.
    09/14/2019 12:56

    >:( >:(

  • Ruhul A.
    09/14/2019 13:06

    Very Pathetic news. Islamic extremist countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia are dangerous places for women. Women are chained and shackled there in the plea of shariah laws.

  • Hajar D.
    09/14/2019 13:07


  • Sana T.
    09/14/2019 13:07

    Honestly, Iran should try bring these women into the fold. They need to address the concerns these women have in a meaningful way. Or at least start negotiating with these women instead of simply punishing them out right.

  • ジウリ 田.
    09/14/2019 13:09

    sounds like some places here in Bangladesh