Is the European hedgehog threatened with extinction?

This little mammal protects our gardens from pests. And it may be one of the most common animals in Europe, it too is endangered.

05/10/2019 6:21 AM
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  • Pamela F.
    04/16/2020 20:10

    Used to be a very popular sight, now not seen one in years!!! Very sad!!!

  • Beth K.
    04/07/2020 08:54


  • Joan G.
    04/04/2020 13:16

    We had them in mathieson place dunfermline then last year eight were found dead someone had killed them all shame on you whoever you are😬😀😢

  • Neil T.
    04/04/2020 09:39

    I'm disappointed that Brut don't mention that predation is also a huge issue, predominately badgers whose numbers have rocketed in the UK over the last three decades.

  • Scott R.
    04/04/2020 06:34

    Bought one couple years ago, HUGE mistake, THEY ARE USELESS!

  • Lin W.
    04/03/2020 23:02

    We had hedgehogs in our garden for a few years then they seemed to disappear but a few weeks ago I spotted one in the garden and today we have seen hedgehog poo in the garden I really hope they have returned we try to encourage them

  • Nancy L.
    04/03/2020 22:54

    I lived in Iran as a kid. They have lookalike hedgehogs in the desert. We caught one and I had as a pet for >2 years. Very nocturnal and ate two tablespoons friskies canned dog food every night. “Sammy”🦔

  • Carol H.
    04/03/2020 22:22

    Such a cute wee animal.

  • Saffron C.
    04/03/2020 19:38

    Seeing “residue” from the hh 🦔 each morning on the patio, never been so happy to see 💩 poo! 😆

  • Suarez M.
    04/03/2020 18:02

    We call them "kidungu maria" i see them on daily basis

  • Margareta H.
    04/03/2020 17:49

    so sad 😔.... i have lovely childhood memories of them 😊

  • Dariana D.
    04/03/2020 17:25

    Another shame for us...wish we could ever be forgiven by the nature...

  • Daniel E.
    04/03/2020 16:38

    Listed least concern by actually science not some guy who runs a fucking shelter

  • Abd K.
    04/03/2020 16:32

    Little lovely animals

  • Jenny W.
    07/13/2019 16:22

    I have 2 pay my garden a visit every night x I love em x

  • Llyvonne B.
    07/12/2019 01:21

    And sadly they are a pest in N Z

  • DiaNa C.
    07/11/2019 09:09

    pov choupinous 😞

  • Rowena B.
    07/07/2019 08:30

    One came in the conservatory last night to get out of the rain. We let him have what was left of the cats food then he trotted off under the trees.

  • Geraldine R.
    07/06/2019 20:54

    I have a hedgehog in my small garden in urban Cambridge, I dont use any pesticides, and he eats the slugs and snails for me . There is a hole int the bottom of the fence so it can travel to the adjoining gardens . Everyone can do this, join the green corridors to help our hedgehogs survive.

  • Stephen M.
    07/06/2019 20:33

    plenty of those mongrels here, help yourself