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    12/13/2019 22:20

    Educate people about the alternative to using pest control or other chemicals. Apple cider vinegar kills weeds. Lavender, lemon grass, basil, rosemary, marigolds, catnip, mint, chives, garlic, tansy, thyme, sunflowers, yarrow, geraniums, Laurel and eucalyptus all repeal mosquitoes, roaches, fleas, flies, ants, and termites. Rodents hate all mint. Snakes stay away from the smell of ammonia. All of these are safe for our ecosystem, kids and pets. If you don't want slugs or snails on your porch then buy couple bags of rock salt and put it around area you don't want them in. Buy you know they love cucumbers so why not plant some cucumber plants to the far area of your yard and draw the slugs and snails there that way all of you are happy and your not killing something a bird or other animal could use for food. The pesticides and other chemicals you use and your yard is harmful to our ecosystem yes there are bad bugs out there but there's also bugs that are helpful to our environment that you kill would you use these chemicals like the honey bees and butterflies. If our plants are not pollinated by the bees are oxygen will deplete because the value of the plants will slowly deplete and slowly die if the bees die we will soon follow they help us stay alive just keep that in mind.

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    Question I have a snake in the house, but her chosen period last watched this animal when at home is this animal kills the snake eats .... huh?

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    Mary gahir hy

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    Wa wa

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    Son hermosos a pesar de sus espinas!!!

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    me encantaaaaaaaaa

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    These animals are in Africa too

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