• Nicolas L.
    06/12/2018 10:56

    to have a safe product you need more than 20 hives...!!!

  • Nedzad G.
    06/12/2018 11:04


  • Alexander R.
    06/12/2018 11:27

    how are your bees doing?

  • Kristopher H.
    06/12/2018 12:07

    It's backwards only because we literally poison vast amounts of land we use for agriculture

  • Nati R.
    06/12/2018 12:35


  • John S.
    06/12/2018 14:15

    Manuka honey is the best in the world. And guess what.... it comes from the countryside in NZ.

  • Wmffre D.
    06/12/2018 16:04

    Marcel Willems. .

  • Deolinda G.
    06/12/2018 21:29


  • Kevin B.
    06/12/2018 21:33

    J&B Urban Honey is the best you can buy!

  • Kolby M.
    06/12/2018 23:25

    Solves the mystery of why theres no more wild hives

  • Mary P.
    06/13/2018 03:20

    “In the countryside, the mortality rate is close to 30%”. 🧐🤗🙄😊😂

  • Poppy K.
    06/13/2018 05:26


  • Jess T.
    06/13/2018 09:10

    interesting 🐝🌺

  • Gaz N.
    06/13/2018 13:18

    I need a hive of my own.

  • Brian G.
    06/13/2018 15:56

    Many claims that are impossible to support with evidence. Such as poisoning of crops or fields with pesticides. There is no proven link between weed killers and bee deaths. Most crops are sprayed with a target pest in mind. Weed or insect. The chemical used is formulated to work on that pest alone. The vast amount of pesticide misuse is in the back yard. Of your neighbor. As he is untrained and can’t read the label. There are pesticides abused by beekeepers too... applied in the hive... to treat for mites and other diseases..

  • Петар Р.
    06/13/2018 16:35

    You never heard of honey from remote areas with no farming and no pollution? Come and try some monastery honey in the Balkans.

  • Marcus E.
    06/13/2018 17:43

    At the end I the day the bees still die. We need them more than ever and they’re being killed off at an extraordinary rate. Just leave them to it.

  • Jose I.
    06/13/2018 20:12


  • Marta V.
    06/13/2018 20:39

    ponemos unas colmenas en el balcón xD ?

  • Danielle D.
    06/13/2018 23:23

    what do you think? 🤔�en