Measure to Legalize Abortion in Argentina Failed

The measure to legalize abortion in Argentina failed in its Senate — and then the streets exploded in protests and riots.

08/09/2018 5:02 PM


  • Sheng Y.
    08/29/2018 17:44

    there must be a lot of kids in the adoption system 😢

  • Arch S.
    08/27/2018 21:37

    Keep fighting!!! Dont let those who dont know anything about pro choice keep you from having a better life in yhe progress of your own self determination. Your own goals.

  • Marta M.
    08/27/2018 02:43

    I hope every person that voted no to legalization burns in hell.

  • Margie G.
    08/24/2018 18:05

    No one else should decide what a woman does with her own body.

  • Bailey N.
    08/23/2018 14:40

    Whether or not you agree with abortion, IT IS NOT YOUR CHOICE AND IT IS IN NO WAY HARMING YOU. Women do not deserve to be belittled for making a choice to terminate a pregnancy no matter what the reason. Plus, it’s really none of your business what the reason is. Taking this choice away from women is wrong.

  • Echoe C.
    08/19/2018 18:12

    I agree with the law they have. To many women use it as birth control. And if your that pathetic you have to get one even though theres no ligitmate reason maybe you should just get fixed.

  • Rajesh S.
    08/18/2018 11:25

    See the reality of so called advanced countries

  • Diane S.
    08/13/2018 09:19

    That’s horrible! It’s NOBODY’s business but the mother & biological fathers. Pro life people don’t approve of them, yet don’t have a solution as what to do with the child once it’s born if the mother does not want the child. Who will feed, clothe & love that child?! Also, no birth control is guaranteed 100% and not everyone can take the pill. So, the child gets in an orphanage to be put up for adoption and if it’s not adopted or in foster care til 18, said child will get in an already overloaded and broken system. KEEP YOUR LAWS OFF WOMENS BODIES!!

  • Nini P.
    08/12/2018 04:38

    Y’all Fr not pro-life just pro-birth tbh🤷🏽‍♀️ don’t see none of y’all helping out kids in them orphanages or the mothers financially thank you keep your business to yourselves

  • Anne W.
    08/11/2018 03:18

    There is no such thing as an illegal abortion, only an unsafe one. The law does not stop abortions, just makes it punitively risky for the already emotionally gutted mother. Argentina, a woman's body is a woman's body.

  • Gabrielle U.
    08/11/2018 02:22

    I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this. But everyone here that doesn’t support abortion really needs to chill. If you don’t want an abortion- okay, that’s fine. BUT IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS IF SOMEONE DOES WANT ONE. YOU DO NOT NEED TO KNOW THEIR REASONS NOR DO YOU NEED TO APPROVE OF THEM. What OTHER PEOPLE do with THEIR LIVES, has absolutely NOTHING to do with you! You have no say on what other people do with their lives. And sure, some people will say, “well, what about the life they are getting rid of?!” That life would not be there without that person, therefore they can decide what to do with it before it even experiences life- you can’t miss what you don’t have. Do I seem harsh? Oh, undoubtedly. But you don’t get to dictate and judge people on their own decisions. To this you might say, “well, they should’ve used protection!” Oh, so they have to stop doing something due to a consequence? We all do things that have consequences, positive and negative. You’re wearing your favorite shirt and stain it. You can decide to try and get the stain out, or just throw it away. Consequences. How you deal with them, are your own business. Quick question- a woman in Arizona gets an abortion- how does this affect you in California? Oh, that’s right. It doesn’t.

  • Kida R.
    08/10/2018 23:11

    I feel only women should get abortions if they were raped or a risk to their Health Cough I am a female))

  • Ney C.
    08/10/2018 22:03


  • Karen L.
    08/10/2018 15:37

    mirate ahi

  • Sylvien V.
    08/10/2018 09:25

    Men deciding the Women's bodies! Absurd ! Keep Abortion a Woman'sChoice! Keep religion oou of Fundamental Women Rights!

  • Ikahn E.
    08/10/2018 05:50

    Random abortions for your lack of self care cannot be a noble practice. Wake up and get serious. **My mother's first child was taken because she would not survive the birth.

  • Aung A.
    08/10/2018 05:50


  • Jennie B.
    08/10/2018 04:10

    taking notes...

  • Alejandra L.
    08/10/2018 02:08

    A llorar al campito, aborteras, sepan que cuidandose se previene el embarazo. Si no saben, no garchen!!!

  • نصرالدين ا.
    08/09/2018 23:45

    Its a democratic vote so why violence

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