• Rupak M.
    15 hours

    0:46 it’s Bhagwan Antle 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Prapada P.
    20 hours

    Kill them and eat it

  • Jonathan K.
    21 hours

    Yay overweight cats with joint and heart issues...🤬disgusting humans playing god. Way to glamourize the animal exploitation industry Brut Nature

  • Sinan O.
    a day

    I hope gov. decides to shut down Doc Antle and others...

  • Elaine L.
    2 days

    Do you see the very smart and sophisticated man

  • Brenda L.
    2 days

    Leave nature alone. You have no idea of the consequences of this.

  • Taylor T.
    2 days

    This is grotesque! Poor animals! 😡

  • Dorothy F.
    3 days

    At first, it's a gorgeous creature 😍 However, it also proves that we, humans are the worst living creatures ever in the world. We destroy the environment, kill each others, but also play with the genetics with zero respect for everything. 😡😭🤬

  • Jeff B.
    3 days

    We all know where this guy is from now. Thanks Netflix

  • Darren A.
    3 days

    Wrong! Cross Breeding big cats is a freakshow to satisfy those who have 0 respect for nature. Ligers are not viable and have 0 potential as a species. Anyone who disagrees then just ask a big cat expert or look it up online.

  • Joannah S.
    4 days

    I saw a Liger in a circus back in the 60s. We were all delighted when he pissed on his trainer - it was like a fire hydrant!!!!

  • Aizek L.
    4 days

    walang katapusan na Liger 😂

  • Adrijana R.
    4 days

    Very disappointing, poor animal.

  • Stella B.
    4 days

    Very sad, they all belong in the WILD!

  • Salvadog D.
    4 days

    tfaddale chou sar 3andik

  • Laurent B.
    4 days

    now that's the kind of cat I'd like to have 😘

  • Aurora D.
    4 days

    Humans playing god, again. We do it to all animals we get our disgusting hands on and they all suffer for our collective need to control nature.

  • Mary J.
    4 days

    When will humans quit trying to manipulate nature for useless bullshit?

  • Lee A.
    4 days

    ★BASTA POST NI IDOL ⓛⓘⓚⓔ KO YAN.!!★ SANA LAGi KANG ACTiVE AH... para my kana my kapa..❤️♥️❤️ BASTA WAG MONG KAKALIMUTAN MAG AH.. Sinu dito Gusto & .?? para kita. TAU.! ⓛⓘⓚⓔ ( BOY & GiRL ) …√√√ Ung Lang na ah..✌ >ACTiVE AKO sa ACTiVE SAKiN< HONEST PA.! PROMiSE! ✋✋✋

  • Buddy C.
    4 days

    Crossbreed must not also be done in other animals.