• Robert G.
    04/27/2019 21:59


  • Brad F.
    04/23/2019 14:11

    Because we collectively do not care. We put their main food sourse on the noxious weeds list and pretend it's a mystery it could take millions to research. No one is going to even address the obvious.

  • Deb C.
    05/06/2018 05:39

    The world will lose much in colour and gaiety, if the " monarchs" give up.

  • Rajko P.
    05/02/2018 08:33

    Just like mosquitos

  • Lisa B.
    05/01/2018 20:40


  • Owen H.
    05/01/2018 17:58

    The USA is killing the planet and they must be stopped.

  • Irena G.
    05/01/2018 15:53

    The problem is the government will never ban glyphostate. We're trying to fight it here in Europe what makes people think it'll be better in America where the owners are located in.

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