• Irena G.
    05/01/2018 15:53

    The problem is the government will never ban glyphostate. We're trying to fight it here in Europe what makes people think it'll be better in America where the owners are located in.

  • Owen H.
    05/01/2018 17:58

    The USA is killing the planet and they must be stopped.

  • Lisa B.
    05/01/2018 20:40


  • Ash P.
    05/02/2018 07:45

    Massive reduction in butterfly migration in the Alps this year. Also, birds aren't migrating as far because of the hotter planet. Consequently, their wing span is already getting shorter. Adaptations within a generation. The world is screwed :(

  • Rajko P.
    05/02/2018 08:33

    Just like mosquitos

  • Oranon I.
    05/04/2018 02:41

    these are so pretty tho 😥

  • Deb C.
    05/06/2018 05:39

    The world will lose much in colour and gaiety, if the " monarchs" give up.