New Zealand MP says "Ok boomer" during Parliament speech about climate emergency

"Ok boomer!" That was the biting response of Chlöe Swarbrick, 25, who was interrupted by an older member of New Zealand Parliament as she was giving a speech about climate emergency.

11/08/2019 6:59 AM


  • Gene C.
    11/28/2019 11:08

    Still goes to show she has no respect.

  • Yasine R.
    11/15/2019 19:26


  • Vanessa J.
    11/13/2019 18:15

    God will come back before climate change happens. People read your bibles. Such idiots. These kids today

  • Karthik K.
    11/10/2019 04:43

    Parliament lo Ok Boomer anta. 🤣

  • Barbara M.
    11/09/2019 21:02

    Interestingly, we boomers grew up with no plastic bottles, many did not have a car, we shopped with paper bags. Corporate Greed has caused many of the problems we face today. Look at Monsanto and the world-wide damage it has caused with Roundup!

  • Owen O.
    11/09/2019 19:58

    Shut it Millie...

  • Michael W.
    11/09/2019 16:44

    "Okay Boomer" Definition: Statement made by person with low intellect because they simply have no comeback. Sign of entitled dipshits everywhere.

  • Roma B.
    11/09/2019 07:57

    Ok boomer!

  • Rae M.
    11/09/2019 07:12

    All ages have taken advantage ... it's not about age it's about the ignoring from all

  • David F.
    11/09/2019 05:19

    Climate change is a hoax

  • Devanand S.
    11/09/2019 02:40

    she has passed the vibe check

  • Mike L.
    11/09/2019 00:56

    No matter how relevant and important her message is, she's a divisive idiot for using a pejorative term. Making fun of people is the best way to get nothing accomplished with them.

  • روان م.
    11/08/2019 19:22

  • Simon M.
    11/08/2019 13:49

    Another great woman, this one from NZ, who made international headlines yesterday using the meme 'Ok Boomer' in parliament to denounce an older MP who wasn't understanding the importance of climate action today as he and his generation had ignored it for decades.

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