• Olga P.
    01/29/2018 20:42

    I cant bear the thought...... Barbaric..... And all you can do is basically nothing.

  • Mert C.
    01/29/2018 20:15

    solltest mal mit deinem Pelz Mantel dich zu denen Gesellen

  • Raminta Š.
    01/29/2018 19:41

    kap ir sakiau...

  • Marko K.
    01/29/2018 19:22

    Anamarija Dedović

  • Jamie B.
    01/29/2018 18:45

    If they only knew how nicer the fur is when it’s alive

  • Deep S.
    01/29/2018 18:27

    What’s the difference between killing animals for fur and killing animals for leather? Just completely hypocritical.

  • Mehdi B.
    01/29/2018 18:14

    This is an important step towards the restoration of our lost humanity and saving what is left. Looking back to the past, picture all the living creatures that we hurt everyday because of our lack of respinsibility and carelessness with no sense of mercy, claiming to be the smartest creatures that ever lived. But now, people must wake up and stand up for what is right.. Be human !

  • Dylan '.
    01/29/2018 16:35

    If u can make fake fur then u have know need to kill animals for there far me personally i would not buy any type of fur fake or real

  • Angelika G.
    01/29/2018 16:29

    A step in the right direction.

  • Fi A.
    01/29/2018 16:12

    ja ch hoffe es wird bald verboten. alle die in der modernen welt leben und pelze tragen sollten verhaftet werden!!!!

  • Cristian F.
    01/29/2018 16:03


  • Benjamin P.
    01/29/2018 15:42

    good job👏

  • Tadas K.
    01/29/2018 14:53

    Im sure Russia, China and other fur producing countries with zero hipster population are very happy with the reduced competition 😉

  • Marie A.
    01/29/2018 14:05

    Skam dg for å ha på deg fur jakke

  • Katarina T.
    01/29/2018 13:34

    Meanwhile, they still hunt for whales

  • Dylan R.
    01/29/2018 12:39

    get that Canada goose jacket

  • Ole-Henrik N.
    01/29/2018 10:38

    javisst! 😁

  • Popescu A.
    01/29/2018 09:41

    jesus ce cct:))

  • Aaron S.
    01/29/2018 08:34

    I think people need to take a look in there wardrobes before they comment

  • Harshith K.
    01/29/2018 08:20

    They would rather protest for furred animals than equality for people of colour, Europe!!!! Luyando Moonga

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