Obama Talks About Being "Woke"

“If all you’re doing is casting stones, you’re probably not going to get that far. That’s easy to do.” — Barack Obama

‘That’s Not Activism’

President Barack Obama disparaged call-out culture and stated that he thinks young people can be overly judgmental, especially on social media. In a speech made at the Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago, he also stated the opinion that the intensifying political division in contemporary America could also be at least partially be blamed on social media.

In an address to crowds attending the event, the former Democrat leader stated: "I do get a sense sometimes now among certain young people, and this is accelerated by social media, that the way of me making change is to be as judgmental as possible about other people and that's enough." He continued: "Like, if I tweet or hashtag about how you didn't do something right or used the wrong verb, then I can sit back and feel pretty good about myself because: 'Man, did you see how woke I was? I called you out.'" He added: "The world is messy. There are ambiguities. People who do really good stuff have flaws. People who you are fighting may love their kids and, you know, share certain things with you … That is not activism. That is not bringing about change. If all you're doing is casting stones, you are probably not going to get that far."

President Barack Obama's commented on America's "woke" culture could lead him to be considered "establishment" by the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, according to conservative author and radio host Larry Elder. In addition to this, former First Lady Michelle Obama also stated that she believes "white flight" is still a problem in the United States. Michelle stated, per CNN: “I want to remind white folks that y'all were running from us -- this family with all the values that you've read about. You were running from us. And you're still running, because we're no different than the immigrant families that are moving in. The families that are coming from other places to try to do better."


10/30/2019 2:38 PMupdated: 10/30/2019 4:37 PM


  • William C.
    12/01/2019 13:40

    Thank you for describing why Democrats are actually DUMMYCRATS!

  • Vickie P.
    12/01/2019 02:43

    Go away

  • Patti K.
    11/30/2019 23:05

    The most corrupt President in American history !!!

  • Scott F.
    11/30/2019 22:25

    Liberal heads explode in 3...2...1...

  • Tommy K.
    11/30/2019 22:20

    Obama you couldn't pull a greasy string out of a cat butt

  • Caylin W.
    11/30/2019 21:24


  • Gary D.
    11/30/2019 21:24

    obama shut up, ya dam scumbucket.

  • Mary H.
    11/30/2019 21:16

    Most of these comments show none of you actually got what he was saying. Or cared, because here you all are casting stones and doing exactly what he was saying...

  • Lisa L.
    11/30/2019 20:51

    Get off my feed. You ungrateful son of a b****

  • Linda J.
    11/30/2019 20:38

    All the while Obama is talking about someone casting stones, apparently he doesn’t realize he is doing that very thing!! All he has ever done is criticize and make fun of Trump. No other ex president has done this. Bush didn’t do that to Obama and Obama blamed everything on Bush. So sad. He should be looking in the mirror.

  • Elton G.
    11/30/2019 20:02

    Worst president ever...

  • Thomas R.
    11/30/2019 18:09


  • Jay L.
    11/30/2019 17:32

    America's worst President.

  • Rex D.
    11/30/2019 17:20

    In plain English, anyone who disagrees with you is being judgmental.

  • Mike H.
    11/30/2019 16:22

    Happy Holidays

  • Irv C.
    11/30/2019 15:57

    FCN TRAITOR to his country, making DEALS with TERRORIST and giving them BILLIONS $$$$$$$ FC him. 🤬🖕

  • Marcel H.
    11/30/2019 15:57

    Clown shoes

  • Don T.
    11/30/2019 15:01

    I wish these woke people would wake up and listen to this man

  • Mary D.
    11/30/2019 14:38


  • Bonnie S.
    11/30/2019 14:07

    Go have disgraced our country

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