Otto Warmbier's father

Otto Warmbier's father describes what it felt like when his son came home from a North Korean prison in a coma.

06/15/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Anthony D.
    06/15/2017 19:19

    Turn'em into glass

  • Sharon P.
    06/15/2017 19:28

    What has America come to???

  • Gabriel M.
    06/15/2017 20:23

    Shouldn't have went over there acting an ass

  • Jonathan N.
    06/15/2017 20:27

    "Obviously he's brilliant" -Goes to North Korea to pass out bibles... this behavior dictates otherwise

  • Rick O.
    06/15/2017 20:31

    Did Denis Rodman have anything to do with he's release???

  • Dawn B.
    06/15/2017 20:40


  • Sangar K.
    06/15/2017 21:59

    Ok well he was a great kid so lets attack North Korea, they violated an American Citizen. Good way of convincing the public into another War.

  • Stv L.
    06/15/2017 22:05

    Yeah you're in a 3rd world country you don't go and break the law. These places don't play especially if you're American.

  • Robert W.
    06/15/2017 22:15

    I'm just curious how many people would care.... if he was Muslim.

  • Jeremy D.
    06/15/2017 22:31

    If you go to a different country where the punishment for stealing is getting lobotomized. Don't F***ing Steal!

  • Mike M.
    06/15/2017 22:35

    If you are American in any other country shut up n be respectful they hate us as it is

  • John R.
    06/15/2017 22:45

    Fucking kid is lucky, he specifically did what the North Korean officials told him not to do. He made our country look like a bunch of spoiled brats. Fuck him

  • Dannie V.
    06/15/2017 23:11

    Lets try & keep our loved ones away from places where they could get severely hurt. Too tough to do?

  • CN N.
    06/16/2017 00:00

    I have no sympathy for him. Honestly you don't go to another country especially North Korea and try to steal. Idiot.

  • Stacey L.
    06/16/2017 00:01

    Holding a foreign prisoner who is in a coma and not letting anyone know for 15 months is pretty high on the Evil Dictator scale. North Korea is bad. We know that, we knew that. However, Otto was a very privileged kid who thought the rules didn't apply to him. Why would you travel to North Korea and then do something so, so stupid? How above the law do you have to believe yourself to be to go and do something incredibly stupid in one of the most dangerous countries? However, doing that stupid thing does not justify imprisoning someone for 15 years hard labour. Nor does it justify the coma and that this condition has been hidden from his family (although I do wonder if the American government was aware) the whole time. We can understand his father speaking about him in positive tones, that is his father. This is literally a lesson to Trump on why you don't fuck with N. Korea. They don't play by any rules.

  • Abigail K.
    06/16/2017 00:22

    Thoughts and prayers for Otto and his family.

  • Alexis H.
    06/16/2017 00:27

    He's lucky in some countries the penalty for theft is death , anyway hope for a speedy recovery '

  • Abel S.
    06/16/2017 00:31

    Shouldn't have been breaking laws in a foreign land...

  • Rachel B.
    06/16/2017 01:36

    It's sad that so many people don't care about his punishment bc he was in another country. He stole a poster and deserved punishment but not the punishment he got

  • Will C.
    06/16/2017 02:11

    Can't go to a dictatorship country especially N.K., and act like you have the freedoms that you have here in the USA. He's fortunate he didn't come in a bodybag! Hope for a speedy recovery, God only knows what they did to him, ending up in a coma.