Pig farming in France still looks like this in 2018

L214 Ethique et Animaux activists went undercover to visit a pig farm in Southern France. Here's what they saw:

04/12/2018 3:56 PM


  • Jackie B.
    04/16/2018 01:50

    Two words: go vegan.

  • Felix W.
    04/14/2018 15:55

    Unscrupulous people

  • Rosario F.
    04/14/2018 13:07

    Disgusting!!!! Owners must be arrested and kept in the same way as these poor animals.... From a non vegetarian point of view....

  • Jay D.
    04/14/2018 07:11

    Yeah... France is a socialist shit hole and they still have a population of backwards people who can't read or write and have to dobwhat they can to survive even if it's means not treating pigs all that great...

  • Irish R.
    04/13/2018 15:42

    Let me guess Pigs?

  • Mohamed M.
    04/13/2018 04:10

    This is why muslims are not eat pig's meet anymore. 1439 years ago the kuran sed that it's a "haram"(not allowed to eat). These pig animals are not healthy anymore wheder be cared it or not.

  • Lawrence N.
    04/13/2018 03:32


  • Renée M.
    04/13/2018 03:23

    Shame on you France 🇫🇷 however it is happening everywhere nge

  • Tony E.
    04/13/2018 01:52

    God damn I love bacon.

  • Islay F.
    04/12/2018 23:10


  • Iulia I.
    04/12/2018 22:33

    And you still eat meat...🤨 Bloody hell! These animals are living a miserable life, suffering...just to be killed later on...just because human rase is greedy!!! 😤😡🤬 All animals have feelings! Can't wait times when someone will start killing humans to be eaten!!! Roll on!!! 😐

  • Brandi A.
    04/12/2018 21:33

    Demented owner should be imprisoned in his own filth for life !!! Animal abuse for overweight population to stuff down their mouths ! Horrific !!!

  • Kai P.
    04/12/2018 21:25


  • Georgia S.
    04/12/2018 21:08

    Emma-lee Woods 😢

  • Thomas D.
    04/12/2018 20:27

    Thats the reason i buy the most expensive meat i can find. Maybe these animals somewhat had a better live..

  • Julian G.
    04/12/2018 20:21

    Not nice seeing your meat as real, intelligent animals. Easy for meat eaters to pretend like bacon grows on trees

  • Stéphanie W.
    04/12/2018 18:46

    ATROCE :'(

  • François F.
    04/12/2018 18:43

    , pourtant on peut appeler ça une "production locale" ;) (je m'arrête jamais!)

  • Laurent G.
    04/12/2018 18:37


  • Alice L.
    04/12/2018 17:57

    How awful. Makes me feel guilty for liking bacon. :-(

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