Pig farming in France still looks like this in 2018

L214 Ethique et Animaux activists went undercover to visit a pig farm in Southern France. Here's what they saw:

04/12/2018 3:56 PM
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  • Lisa F.
    04/12/2018 15:58

    Disgusting and cruel

  • Thilaga W.
    04/12/2018 16:00


  • Shane M.
    04/12/2018 16:03

    This isnt that bad. And really if the planet didnt have so many humans we would need so much animal meat, dont breed if you dont want animals killed or treated badly, stop the human making or deal with what humans do..

  • Kerry A.
    04/12/2018 16:07

    no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • Irena G.
    04/12/2018 16:07

    I remember farms having a considerably large amount of lands where they would keep the animals, this is just terrible.

  • Archie B.
    04/12/2018 16:10

    Not really nice to see but as a x pig farm employee I can tell you that this is common place.

  • Sam H.
    04/12/2018 16:12

    People make fun of you when you say you don't want to eat meat anymore because of things like this and the mass production of animals. These people have no souls

  • Nat F.
    04/12/2018 16:17

    Et vous pensez que nous allons encore manger de la viande de cochons ou autre espèce? vous nous prenez pour ce que nous ne sommes pas .....

  • Dinah S.
    04/12/2018 16:25

    sophisticated south of France 🚮 disgusting

  • Julieta K.
    04/12/2018 16:31


  • H B.
    04/12/2018 16:43

    The dark side of the EU & its agriculture regulations. Just another example.

  • Ryan L.
    04/12/2018 16:48

    Poor things.

  • Yashna U.
    04/12/2018 17:37

    this is where your bacon comes from

  • Alice L.
    04/12/2018 17:57

    How awful. Makes me feel guilty for liking bacon. :-(

  • Romy L.
    04/12/2018 18:13

    Ava Catellier

  • Laurent G.
    04/12/2018 18:37


  • François F.
    04/12/2018 18:43

    , pourtant on peut appeler ça une "production locale" ;) (je m'arrête jamais!)

  • Stéphanie W.
    04/12/2018 18:46

    ATROCE :'(

  • Julian G.
    04/12/2018 20:21

    Not nice seeing your meat as real, intelligent animals. Easy for meat eaters to pretend like bacon grows on trees

  • Georgia S.
    04/12/2018 21:08