Plastic found in the deepest depths of the ocean

Is there a place on Earth that has not yet been polluted by humans? As he was descending to the deepest depths of the ocean, this explorer found something he wasn't looking for...

05/17/2019 6:27 AM
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  • Daniel B.
    2 days

    So they reached the deepest part of the ocean. Well done. 👍🏻 Where no human has been before... And what did they do? Collected species for examination! We are still messing around where we don't belong. It's a given that ALL ocean life have dealings with plastic. We know this. We need to stop plastic... Not take species away from their habitat...

  • Martin C.
    2 days

    Could it not be from a plane crash or a ship then? We could literally nuke the entire planet and it would still spin the very next day. This brainwashed "save the planet" we are just trying to save the human race, and we are the problem. As soon as we are gone trees and plant life and animals will flourish.

  • Linda C.
    2 days

    So disgusting and heartbreaking to know that even the deepest waters are polluted with plastics. The world MUST stop the production of plastics and all countries MUST have the consensus of cleaning all the bodies of water all over the world.

  • Akemi N.
    2 days

    What's the surprise? Everything is polluted, even our cells.

  • Brigitte S.
    2 days

    World wide fund to start cleaning up plastic starting asap - why are governments doing nothing???

  • Nasir A.
    2 days

    Humans are holocausting the humanity and other species....

  • Nicholas S.
    2 days

    They should make all the big chains's ect contribute to help cleaning up oceans.....they have made billions if not trillions of dollors and still keep using plastics....i bet tuey would find a biodegradable solution really fast if they had to start pay8ng to clean up the mess

  • Tdr T.
    2 days

    Deep Ocean bottoms .

  • Cheryl A.
    2 days

    We have one foot in WALL-E and the other in GATTACA.

  • Mohamed Z.
    2 days

    7aga hat7bha aho

  • Gary T.
    2 days

    Tougher penalties for litter louts.

  • Lita D.
    2 days

    We are killing the earth instead of taking care for it. And then we get upset when everything isn't just right for us.

  • Justin V.
    2 days

    When companies were considered human, we failed as humans. When the dollar became more important than the earth, we failed as humans. No matter what we have accomplished, we have failed the earth.

  • Tammy O.
    2 days


  • Dianne M.
    2 days


  • David J.
    a day

    Us humans really suck!

  • Barry M.
    a day

    Surely they would come across a corpse supposedly dumped in there by the U.S navy ? or did the world forget about that ?

  • Darrin S.
    a day

    Did it have Walmart logo? Lol Those stupid bags are everywhere!

  • Isabelle G.
    a day

    le problème c'est le plastique rejeté dans la mer . Savez vous où termine le plastique que vous jetez?

  • Johan V.
    4 hours

    this is crap ... he soud now this ..... look how it also gets in the sea ... i am a sailer fore 50 jears non stop a sea ,,,half of the caribe ,,,florida ....west coast of america is destroyed by huricanes ,,india .indonesia ..phillepines ,,,japan .,.. china ..korea ,, vietnam ,,.hongkong ....and 20 countries more al there coast is gone ... .big tsumamis..,, tornado s ,,,earth quakes ,,vulcane etc etc ,,,floods dow under ,, al this wend also in the oceans ,,,there where 500 beach resorts and 15 ports ,and 600 jachts this jear in the gulf of genua ... ,smassed to pieces ..its al in de sea now