• Serghie B.
    05/23/2018 12:19

    Again...FUCK HUMANITY !!!!

  • Asher N.
    03/31/2018 14:40

    It's all so late.. should have done more years ago

  • أياد ا.
    03/29/2018 13:55

    Why didn't they do something with AI? They have had this technology for decades!

  • Leif T.
    03/25/2018 03:58

    It is not the "white people that demand Rhino horn as aphrodisiacs! Fake medicine throughout Asia! Where does the ivory from elephants go? Who is the end user paying thousands per ounce for these items? Who is actually killing these animals? Largely NOT white people! Who is buying such items? Again largly not European peoples. Look where the demand is before pointing the finger. Any single group could stop the trade! The people shooting animals, the people transporting, the people selling, buying, making artifacts and purchasing. It only takes one of these groups to say NO more! It is totally illegal with huge penalties to import any of these products or items into nearly all "Western" countries, so who is buying and importing. Or is it just fashionable to blame whites for every ill in the world?

  • John O.
    03/24/2018 11:34

    Ignorant weak cavemen, destroying every rhino in a desperate effort to become as strong as one. These ignorant assholes are a cancer on humanity and every poacher should be shot on sight

  • Mikilani Y.
    03/24/2018 08:53


  • Patricia W.
    03/24/2018 01:39

    first abolish hunting... second ..call china..they are sucesfull with pandas...who knows..

  • Colleen F.
    03/23/2018 22:14

    Why didn't they do something with AI? They have had this technology for decades!

  • Ashutosh A.
    03/23/2018 13:26

    Ldko k jina haraam ho gya h .isne is jalim duniya ko chod diya ☹️

  • Cḁṛḷịṭọṣ P.
    03/22/2018 19:35

    This lost is because African greed of money and ignorance of stupid Chinese beliefs. BOTH CULTURAL ISSUES! MUST BE PUNISHED WITH 10 YEARS OF COMMUNITY WORK 8HS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK!

  • Robinson G.
    03/22/2018 00:42

    Why did god allowed this to happen? Countless of fellow earthlings had vanished since we humans ruled this planet.. And many more are on the list feared to be wiped out in few years or few decades from now. :-(

  • Bharadwaja G.
    03/21/2018 19:52

    the old fellow died..

  • Neill C.
    03/21/2018 18:12


  • David M.
    03/21/2018 12:18

    They could kept the sperm and fertilize another rhino

  • Jon T.
    03/21/2018 09:22

    So have you saved any of his sperm ?

  • Tomas C.
    03/21/2018 08:57


  • Reymar A.
    03/21/2018 07:24


  • Remle A.
    03/21/2018 03:03

    this is heartbreaking...

  • Adam N.
    03/21/2018 00:30

    Please make it 😢😢😢

  • Jennie A.
    03/20/2018 23:42


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