• Tim J.
    08/05/2018 03:08

    If there are too many, use the extras to feed hungry people across the world. 👍

  • Wildheart-Sarita S.
    07/20/2018 16:27

    People create the problems--sustaining the over population of the deer--and then--as always--the animals pay the price for it! What would your God say to the killing of "the apostles"--due to human ignorance and the need to make money from them--through tourism? The only way to set things right for the future--is to create a sustainable ecosystem (that in includes the deer)--out in the wild--where they belong! Not living among large human populations--where the deer and people will suffer--long term!

  • Suzy K.
    07/16/2018 14:40

    Wonderful. They wouldent last two mins where I live sadly.

  • M F.
    07/15/2018 12:21


  • Saadia C.
    07/03/2018 11:15

    Why don't you tell me about important things Tommy Everett

  • Donna J.
    07/02/2018 22:54

    Thank goodness they are not part of the horrible Japanese whale hunt! Why aren’t the whales protected TOO . . . Get with the program ! ! Whales are not eating Japan’s food so leave them alone

  • Bonni F.
    06/26/2018 00:49

    Beautiful animals! I wish I lived there!

  • Paul R.
    06/24/2018 02:34

    For all you people who get upset at people who want to eat them remember. God liked the animal sacrifice Abel made. Not so pleased with the hay and straw that Cain burnt for him....and then Cain went and did that terrible deed. So the first recorded murderer was a vegetarian.

  • Emily B.
    06/07/2018 06:10

    They are so beautiful😍😍😍😍

  • Aaron H.
    06/04/2018 02:59

    Eat 'em.

  • Joshua D.
    06/03/2018 12:01

    I’ve been here and was bitten by a deer!

  • Sara S.
    06/03/2018 01:26

    I love the way humans will destroy animals and use the excuse that they are destroying the ecosystem. WHICH animal is it, exactly, that is destroying the entire planet's ecosystem, at an alarming rate, for financial profit ?? Oh yes, that would be the human animal.

  • Sarahì H.
    06/01/2018 17:28

    Tláloc Humberto

  • Juliana A.
    06/01/2018 16:48


  • Kon V.
    06/01/2018 13:34

    And Hidan buried alive there by shadow user Shikamaru in Naruto 🍥 series

  • Paul R.
    06/01/2018 12:00

    Look at all that delicious BBQ, roaming around, looking for an Hibachi to sacrifice themselves too.

  • Brendan T.
    06/01/2018 10:39

    Just imagine if ‘people’ were sacred, too.

  • Samantha R.
    06/01/2018 05:51

    if you don’t go here next week we’re going together

  • Rafaella S.
    06/01/2018 02:39

    kkkkkkk lembranças desses veados

  • Hank W.
    05/31/2018 19:36

    This is how we should live with all animals. No one scared. No one abused or threatened. So if the residents of this place are civilised enough to do it, then the rest of the world should be able to. Religious people take note from the monk in this video. Teach your congregations how to respect life and care for the vulnerable, no matter what species.

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