• Cormac F.
    06/18/2018 06:07

    Gearoid Fiddes...the alligator Gar!!! 😂

  • Terry M.
    06/02/2018 03:48

    Great to eat. Called poor mans lobster down here.

  • Gopakumar C.
    05/29/2018 18:37

    Superb clip

  • Eduardo A.
    05/24/2018 15:32

    You wouldn't love swimming while this monster is around looking for dinner. :) :) It's related to the prehistoric remnant ... the coelacanth.

  • Paul B.
    05/20/2018 20:54

    All over Alabama, awful eating

  • Robert M.
    05/20/2018 17:56

    I’ve been around these fish my entire life and NEVER heard them called fossil fish... and I’ll bet there’s more of these fish in Texas (and everywhere else I’m sure) than squirrels.

  • Judy J.
    05/20/2018 02:46

    I have had several. They will jump right out of a tank. Caught in creeks in SW Florida.

  • Delaney S.
    05/20/2018 00:51

    is this a remoraid

  • Curt B.
    05/18/2018 21:25

    I've seen garfish working on a damn in South Carolina. They're disgusting and scary looking. I know they have lots of teeth.

  • Ross B.
    05/18/2018 16:16

    And people eat this nasty garbage fish. 🤮

  • Alan B.
    05/18/2018 02:40

    The Gar was a New Orleans staple literary publication in the 60s and 70s. A great tabloid.

  • Heather P.
    05/18/2018 00:03

    Also in Tennessee river

  • Serena T.
    05/18/2018 00:02

    We have those in Texas. Creepy lil things. Found one in a ditch when I was younger during a heavy rainfall. Thing scared the dickens outta me

  • Jonathan C.
    05/17/2018 17:02

    They live in the Southeast. Lake Marion, South Carolina.

  • Osvaldo B.
    05/16/2018 05:17

    And they’re delicious too

  • Mark M.
    05/15/2018 19:52

    Let's go fishing there

  • Jascey L.
    05/14/2018 23:24

    They are everywhere in Texas, and most of everyone around here doesnt fish for them.

  • Taina C.
    05/14/2018 12:45

    un poisson carnassier dans skyrim

  • Kendra C.
    05/14/2018 06:39


  • Kylie B.
    05/14/2018 02:08


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