• Lester V.
    05/26/2018 10:05

    This is the 1st and ONLY news I've ever heard about CHAD🤔

  • Bradley S.
    05/18/2018 03:51

    O good the poachers are waiting with baited breath

  • Frank C.
    05/15/2018 22:26

    Thanks for letting the poachers and asians know

  • Frank C.
    05/15/2018 22:26

    Thanks for letting the poachers and asians know

  • Joanna C.
    05/14/2018 12:56

    It's Donald trumps son you need to look out for he's a hunter and kills rhinos and elephant for fun keeps there tails as a trophies and can go on any land and kill them all about cash and fun for him evil little twat hate him me 😡😡👊

  • Skye N.
    05/13/2018 08:23

    they all look the same.. even though are called different xx

  • Pat H.
    05/13/2018 07:53

    Hope they will be safe x

  • Claudia E.
    05/12/2018 20:03

    Yes. Thank God. Let's keep working on it.

  • Paul O.
    05/12/2018 03:23

    More needs to be done to stop Asia wanting rhino horn.

  • Irish R.
    05/11/2018 14:27

    I'll bet they don't last a year.

  • Debi L.
    05/11/2018 14:08

    I can't see them releasing these rhinos who are almost extinct right now back into this landscape without good protections. I wouldn't think that they would go to all that trouble just to allow them to be slaughtered so while I worry I still think it'll be okay.

  • Kim L.
    05/11/2018 11:27

    Yes, but what is going to be done so that these animals are not now, again, poached to extinction... ?? Has the mentality of the poachers changed? Has their livelihood of poaching be replaced with other kinds of employment?

  • Jipson S.
    05/11/2018 10:52

    Chad is leading in conservation

  • Nak A.
    05/11/2018 07:40

    White rhinos next?

  • Nak A.
    05/11/2018 07:38