The Jarawa: an ethnic minority in Asia facing extinction

"Every day, tourists travel in SUV convoys, escorted by the Indian army, to take pictures of the Jarawa and throw bananas at them." Human safaris, kidnappings and forced labour... The Jarawa are threatened by an abject tourism.

03/15/2018 4:59 PM
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  • Sharanya B.
    04/03/2018 18:33


  • Soumyajit G.
    03/31/2018 01:01

    The 's and their kins of and are more civilised than us city dwellers in and in . Yet we called them savages and backward. They are the true descendents of early from the heart of Africa. THE CHILDREN OF . Their -line is ancient and purest than any of us. Shame on us for treating them this way. They are not tools of fortune we could pluder. They deserve to be left on their own. And I am sure, as they have survived for 60,000 years since they left Africa. They will survive us too. Only if we so called educated civilised hypocrits leave them alone at their own will. FYI- To give you a brief history of clan and #India. There was a war between the Jarawa clan and government authorities in the 1970-1980, when Indian government tried to claim lands for logging and farming by settling from after 1971 India- war. This Jarawa was hardly reported by the print and electronic of that time even to this day. Those who grew-up at , and lived there for few years only know about this war. The Jarawa's used to kill these settlers with poison arrows. They are expert marksmen. The settlers invaded their territory and stole their land and live stocks, and competed for resources. This is why and #Indian escorts tourist and travellers through Jarwa tribes territory even to this day. This is also why their cousins the are totally hostile and violent towards any attempt at outside contact.

  • Harsh G.
    03/30/2018 18:38

    Hey dumbass. I have been very close to Jarawas. This is misconception. We are not allowed to throw anything at them or even click photos. Vehicles only quitely pass through that area and that's all there is to it.

  • Sreejith G.
    03/30/2018 17:44

    False information sir, they will survive as they are..for another 50,000 years...they don't want to be disturbed..they don't believe humans and they love their home...

  • Didi M.
    03/30/2018 16:05

    Is false

  • Jigme W.
    03/30/2018 14:35

    Correct Alokeparna Das

  • Jigme W.
    03/30/2018 14:34

    Not fake , indian army personell havd been knoen to rape these jarawa women . It was reported many years ago and nothi g was done about it.

  • Jigme W.
    03/30/2018 14:32

    No chance of saving these people given the mentality of indians and the absolute noncarg by the Indian Government

  • Gabriela R.
    03/30/2018 13:49

    " les tiran bananas" shhh malo, ellos no son animales

  • Pawsansoe K.
    03/30/2018 13:30


  • Tarek H.
    03/30/2018 12:54

    Ceux qui confirme encore la théorie de l'évolution et l'immigration de l'Homo sapience de l'Afrique. Vers tout la planète.

  • Shîbîn R.
    03/30/2018 12:27

    False news these peoples are well protected by government of India 🇮🇳

  • Prabha B.
    03/30/2018 11:47

    I m proud of the fact some tribe like this live in India but not about the treatment we give them.

  • Steven A.
    03/30/2018 11:16

    So sad.. The Indian government should come forward and help them to live peacefully and provide them with essentials

  • Roopsee K.
    03/30/2018 10:27

    It's a fake information to defame India

  • Shubham K.
    03/30/2018 09:34

    This is wrong information. GOI is doing everything it could to protect this Tribe. Jarawa's are one of the few Stong age tribes whose population has grown after coming in contact with the modernc civilisations and its all due to GOI's policies. For sure there are issues like illegal trespassing in Jarawa territory but such problems are going to be there but GOI and A&N administration is trying its best to curb auch things.

  • Arif A.
    03/30/2018 08:49

    indian. always racist and cold hearted. always

  • Manoj K.
    03/30/2018 08:21

    What a joke... a french man wìorried about ethnic "black skinned"afro asian tribes when their own history in africa is tainted...

  • Abhishek S.
    03/30/2018 08:04

    Wrong video content.. We should report, these can be some other tribes, if he has filmed it, he can be punishable

  • இராஜகோபால் க.
    03/30/2018 07:49

    Totally fake