The Jarawa: an ethnic minority in Asia facing extinction

"Every day, tourists travel in SUV convoys, escorted by the Indian army, to take pictures of the Jarawa and throw bananas at them." Human safaris, kidnappings and forced labour... The Jarawa are threatened by an abject tourism.

03/15/2018 4:59 PM
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  • Glenn V.
    03/15/2018 17:14

    Lets hope that aren't flooded to the world, leave them and let them live in peace

  • Abdul Q.
    03/15/2018 17:14

    Indian occupy many regions like asaam, kashmir, punjab etc and they are headache for all neighbors

  • Indira A.
    03/15/2018 17:20


  • Alokeparna D.
    03/15/2018 17:23

    This is indeed a painful fact and as an Indian, rather an informed Indian I feel really sorry about such acts. Even when I visited Andamans I had similar views regarding the road that had been constructed in the jarwa reserve, where they are showcased as trophies to earn income. Even I tried to investigate further but as I don't have the authority I was not allowed. If I can do anything at all I would be really happy.

  • Tilottama Y.
    03/15/2018 17:32

    This is really sad...

  • سليمان ح.
    03/15/2018 17:34


  • Michael L.
    03/15/2018 17:39

    Why are they still living the same way as they did a 1000 years ago..

  • John D.
    03/15/2018 19:11

    Those people are too beautiful for such an ugly world. Sad...

  • Martyn J.
    03/15/2018 19:29

    Beautiful looking people, they should be protected not abused

  • Barbara C.
    03/15/2018 23:25

    Beautiful people, sad that they can’t be left alone

  • Tamara T.
    03/16/2018 00:48


  • Émile M.
    03/16/2018 01:34

    Cam Garon

  • Ajay T.
    03/16/2018 02:29

    , , , , There must be someway we could stop this...

  • El-Rae C.
    03/16/2018 02:57

    Indian settler colonialism of the Andaman Islands

  • Lai G.
    03/16/2018 03:05

    This makes me angry. Leave these people alone where they are free from outside corruption :(

  • Mirriam S.
    03/16/2018 07:28

    As you heard problem in this world we have greedy Elites they want everything. They want to take over that Island.Video explain only Rich go to see those people and treat them as their entertainment. Rich Greedy people are the problem in this world they have destroyed so many beautiful places.There is a Beautiful Island in Thailand people are facing the same problem they are being killed because they are protecting the Island trees loggers.

  • Arun S.
    03/16/2018 09:21

    This was definitely not the first time they came on front of cameras

  • Brent I.
    03/16/2018 14:33

    Is there a way to preserve these people and their lands

  • Neha T.
    03/16/2018 17:50

    It's a bit strange seeing this video. I recently visited this place and we were passing through Jarawa land. It is protected land, well demarcated, and I don't think people can stop and loiter around. We were instructed to switch off our phones. We did see some Jarawa men, fully clothed btw going about their daily routine and waving at us. Most of the Andaman is off limits for tourists and you can't visit Nicobar either without permits. Very strange to see this video.

  • Hira F.
    03/17/2018 00:59

    Fake news.. if they're isolated why are'nt they naked at all..