The Life of Haidar El Ali

He quit his family’s business to dedicate his life to protecting nature. He replanted mangroves, created marine sanctuaries, managed the Ministry of Environment in Senegal, his birth country… Brut met Haidar El Ali, one of Africa's most influential ecologists.

01/06/2020 7:06 PM


  • Pralay K.
    08/31/2020 16:43

  • Anouska K.
    08/25/2020 22:26

    what a Hero ! 🥰

  • Jenn R.
    08/25/2020 16:28

    A life well spent in service to all breathing creatures! God bless you.

  • O'Niki L.
    08/25/2020 14:59

    Today I learned a truly great man's name, Haïdar el Ali, a man who found his calling and took action. Senegal is very lucky to have him and his actions will have major impact on the future. May his name live on in future generations for his heartfelt contribution to ecology and nature. *Salutes 🖐 P.s. The ministers in my country would sell out our tropical forest to logging companies.

  • Jane W.
    08/25/2020 07:25

    What a truly amazing man.

  • Arun D.
    08/25/2020 06:48

    A great soul! May God grant many, many rebirths to him to save His dear Earth. He is no politician. A protector of nature is a born enemy of the man-made subject - politics. He has rightly said, 'Economic consideration has taken Earth into hostage.' May God bless this good Samaritan always.

  • Madeleine P.
    08/25/2020 04:44

    What a wonderful man, there are so many great people in the world like this man, I wish we could hear about more of them, instead of corrupt politicians.

  • Ariel F.
    08/25/2020 02:37


  • Mohamed A.
    08/24/2020 22:54


  • Eli V.
    08/24/2020 18:46

    J’espère q le monde se remplira de bcp d’Haidar El Ali! 😍 mon profond respect à ce Monsieur

  • Souparno S.
    08/24/2020 18:35

    Salute 🙌🙌

  • Daniel R.
    08/24/2020 18:34


  • Darius M.
    05/19/2020 17:39


  • David G.
    05/18/2020 06:25

    Inspirational man

  • Steven D.
    05/18/2020 03:22

    One awesome individual!! The world would be a much better, fulfilling place if we followed his lead.🤔🌿🌳🐠🐬🐟🐟

  • Jessie J.
    05/17/2020 23:42

    Truely Amazing Man🍀💕💚💕

  • Margie P.
    05/17/2020 22:21


  • Jesus E.
    05/17/2020 21:42

    Respect ✊

  • Jainina P.
    05/17/2020 20:01

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  • Martin M.
    05/17/2020 19:45

    You are a living legend Sir! Hand salute to you.

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