The life of Phyllis Schlafly

She was a powerful woman who fought against female empowerment, and led the backlash against the feminist movement in the United States. This is the story of the real Mrs. America, Phyllis Schlafly.

04/29/2020 11:00 PM


  • Rhoenix
    01/07/2022 02:58

    "The father, the cheater and supressor of women."

  • Rhoenix
    01/07/2022 02:57

    Just looked her up and glad she's dead.

  • Tom C.
    11/17/2021 01:19

    Lovely lady.

  • Diane E.
    10/10/2021 22:49

    In spite of women like her, we've made progress. I want to see this movie

  • Judy W.
    09/11/2020 10:56

    Love her and her ideals of family.

  • Brian L.
    06/12/2020 20:02

    This lady is clearly nuts and should be consigned to a museum for dimwit dinosours.

  • Lara B.
    05/20/2020 15:40

    So she is campaigning against feminism yet profiting off that very movement? She may have thanked her husband for "allowing" her to speak at those events, but the fact that she was asked to speak at them at all was beyond her. Who was keeping her home? Who was raising her children? Who was actually maintaining that traditional household and family while she traveled around, using rights she campaigned against and getting law degrees? The hypocrisy is mind blowing.

  • Helen K.
    05/11/2020 12:20

    It's ironic that she was known for her career and celebrity rather than living a life consistent with practicing what she preached. Who was taking care of her children when she traveled around the countryside and preached that only mothers should take care of their children?

  • Sonny N.
    05/05/2020 20:57


  • Emilia Z.
    05/05/2020 01:09

    It’s strange that she and Margaret Atwood attended Harvard at the same time.

  • John C.
    05/03/2020 20:23

    Is this the lady that the miniseries Mrs America is made about ??

  • Ep M.
    05/03/2020 18:05

    God bless her

  • Carole E.
    05/03/2020 01:28

    Thanks Phyllis for providing a great role model for women

  • Wendy H.
    05/02/2020 19:58

    Ghastly woman.

  • Patricia J.
    05/02/2020 15:42

    Good gracious!

  • Raneem B.
    05/02/2020 02:13

    يالله قد ما ضحكت 😂 يعني هي كانت ضد الحركات النسائية وضد انو الستات يطلعو برا البيوت ويشتغلو لازم الزلمه هو يلي يشتغل والست خليها بالبيت تربي الولاد، بس هي لا هي عادي تشتغل وتصير وتطلع برا البيت تحكي خطابات 😂 ابصر مين كان يقعد مع ولادها الستة لما كانت تشتغل وتخبص 🤷🏻‍♀️ بالحكي ابصر مين 😂 ههههههههه

  • Julia L.
    05/01/2020 06:27

    Jaja que contradictoria

  • Suhaila O.
    05/01/2020 04:44

    On the contrary, she had achieved things in her life that every feminist had been seeking that time !

  • Brytana F.
    05/01/2020 02:20

    This woman is brainwashed.

  • Ann W.
    04/30/2020 17:32

    She certainly didn’t stay home!! She just destroyed a lot of women, some of whom were deserted by husbands, left to raise children alone at jobs below men’s earnings. I am sure she was well paid by Conservatives, including Trump. How about all the men who were rapists but never had to pay the price for their crimes- - (Me Too Movement) . We women should be out there marching and making sure every candidate who gets elected is for the ERA amendment to our Constitution. It is incomprehensible that it is not automatically in the Constitution!!!

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