• Estefania B.
    03/31/2020 09:05

    🏆🤣soy yo cuando sea viejita !!!!! I love to pic up everything from the ground. Every little o big papper.. Now with Coronavirus sounds dangeraus but I put on gloves and pic them more tan ever. Inclusive now I put a spray of alcohol and Lavandina everytime I take my Dog. I love to do this. I feel responsable and I think I Must do IT! Even I reduced 70% the waste at home. Its not fair for people who works cleaning tu leave our own floor dirty. I do IT for pasion 👌🤝✊👍

  • Debra T.
    04/17/2019 18:22

    Here are some suggestions. If you're ordering a drink at a cafe you can assess whether you really need that lid and plastic straw. I carry my china tea mug everywhere, including flights and ferries. No business has ever refused its use. I don't drive with hot liquids. Rather, I have my caffeine at home or a stationary place and only use my water bottle in the car. I tend not to to be able to eat all my food at restaurants so I bring my own container for takeout. If we each practise awareness and think before accepting disposables I'm sure we can all work together and do a lot to decrease our garbage. Wishing all the best in your personal efforts.

  • Karin L.
    04/10/2019 17:17


  • Mitch B.
    04/10/2019 14:23

    Ty so much

  • Gill M.
    04/09/2019 06:22


  • Sheryl C.
    04/08/2019 22:26

    if you're not going to pick up then stop using bottled water & straws and any plastic products start small it will hell. She is awesome!!

  • Lauryne Z.
    04/08/2019 21:09


  • Eleonora B.
    04/08/2019 18:32

    Ik zag langs de zuidkust in Engeland, veel mensen visdraad verzamelen, overal zie dat de oudere mensen de plastic rommel opruimen.

  • Sherle W.
    04/08/2019 03:39

    What an amazing woman!

  • Connie H.
    04/07/2019 17:41

    Good for her...but people are awful...why do they do this!?!?!?

  • Matthew D.
    04/07/2019 14:06


  • Abbi H.
    04/07/2019 04:37

    But then what did she do with it?

  • Frands E.
    04/04/2019 21:50


  • Amy E.
    04/04/2019 17:15

    This is what it means to Age Gracefully.

  • Dirgni A.
    04/04/2019 12:01

    Super! Do it around where I live. It is a big problem.

  • Sharon H.
    04/01/2019 22:47

    This lady is an inspiration!

  • Ann M.
    04/01/2019 21:46

    Thank you!

  • Julia L.
    04/01/2019 18:07

    What a lovely wonderful human being! Thank you for the inspiration!

  • Anthony K.
    04/01/2019 01:11

    Why do so many nations use Oceans for Trash Pickup

  • Haifa O.
    03/31/2019 22:37

    We thank you soo much for what you do.. It is everybody's problem.. The ocean is thankful.. Love earth🌿🌷🐳🐧💙

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