This 70-year-old Grandma Cleans Up Polluted Beaches

Meet the grandmother who spent an entire year picking up plastic from local beaches.

02/09/2019 12:21 PM
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  • Azam C.
    02/09/2019 13:18

    What a good job these old lady has done , have we anything to learn from her ?

  • Michael v.
    02/09/2019 15:05

    They should be able to thinknof something to or find a way to recycle plastic better or make something that can be better for tje environment and be reused as materials again

  • Michael v.
    02/09/2019 15:05

    Everything now has plastic now a days should think of something else

  • Dawna K.
    02/09/2019 15:17

    Well now...Just think what we all could do if when we walk our neighbourhoods if we picked up trash from the streets...from the parks...from the schoolyards.

  • Gerri G.
    02/09/2019 16:02

    Yes good message.

  • Safia A.
    02/09/2019 17:10

    Good duty my dear

  • Pamela S.
    02/09/2019 19:46

    Well done you and teaching your grandchildren too. If only all parents would do this.☺

  • Cheryl B.
    02/09/2019 19:47

    Beautiful SOUL , as well as a BEAUTIFUL PERSON Thank YOU !!!!

  • Meriem B.
    02/09/2019 21:14


  • Mary M.
    02/10/2019 20:57

    I have always wished we all where more morally correct w/what we produce. Make the companies more responsible who produce this crap in the first place. It's of course more than that. We have lost our ethics while striving for the dollar bill.

  • Josefa L.
    02/11/2019 15:32

    Las compañias no son el problema las personas que lo tiran que no recogen su cochinero

  • Brut
    02/11/2019 16:52

    This group turned plastic waste into floating islands:

  • Brut
    02/11/2019 16:53

    Pat's campaign to make Cornwall plastic straw-free:

  • Carolyn Z.
    02/14/2019 00:44

    My kind of lady, with my kind of thinking! Kudos to you, miss! 😊

  • Paula H.
    02/14/2019 00:50

    Ban all plastic containers now.

  • Sarai M.
    02/15/2019 14:23


  • Courtney E.
    02/18/2019 23:26

    me in 50 years

  • Jennifer B.
    02/18/2019 23:28

    wow I love this

  • Danielle D.
    02/19/2019 03:58

    look.. it’s future me

  • Becki P.
    02/19/2019 04:01

    She is my hero and who I aspire to be.