• Elaine C.
    02/04/2018 11:04

    Why is waste from other countries dumped here ?!? ! Are these people not entitled to live on land that is healthy for them? Who profits from this! Why donot all countries recycle their own trash. This is OUTRAGEOUS!

  • Linda L.
    02/02/2018 11:56

    Very sad vision of humanity. Hoping we learn to stop trashing our world

  • Elton F.
    02/01/2018 12:47

    Essa merda tem q acabar , essa merda q fica na europa . lastimável isso

  • Justin B.
    01/28/2018 08:55

    Imagine if we had to deal with all of our own garbage.

  • Sandra H.
    01/28/2018 06:34

    They sat a lot of the trash comes from European countries. I did find information from The Guardian ,that some of the UKs,e-waste was being diverted to Ghana back in 2010, but the company doing it is no longer being used. But according to an article @ smithsonian.com in 13 January 2016, the UN Enviroment Programme, "85 percent of the e-waste dumped in Ghana,and,other parts of West Africa is produced in Ghana and West Africa". I want to know why Ghana,would allow them to dumb trash in their country? ACcording to DW.com, sn article from 2017 states,German government has unveiled a plan to help Ghana, it's workers and the enviroment . Germany will spend 20 million euros, to build e-waste recycling facility to process the e-waste safely and build health stations to support the people in the area.

  • Seher C.
    01/26/2018 19:08

    #[email protected]

  • Rose C.
    01/26/2018 16:44


  • Bridget V.
    01/26/2018 07:23

    Sad thing is what happens to people if they can't do this??

  • Carolyn R.
    01/26/2018 03:28

    The same thing is in Brazil too.

  • Rogerio S.
    01/25/2018 23:45

    Terrible situation ✋

  • Kelly W.
    01/25/2018 20:50

    Well people need to think before they buy all that electronic shit.. sadly when ur finished with it.. it's gotta go somewhere