This people makes clothes from tree bark

Making clothes from natural forest resources: a time-honored indigenous craft threatened by mass-produced clothing. The indigenous Sápara people are determined to pass this expertise on to the young generations. With Nación Sapara Del Ecuador - NASE

02/26/2019 11:57 AM


  • Mishell S.
    04/25/2019 14:01

    what do u think

  • Ven O.
    04/14/2019 04:15

    It is not good for the weather. If so, many trees are destroyed. Coming soon, it will be deforestation.

  • Tomislav K.
    03/21/2019 19:26

    Only bec.of a some bark; tree is cut. It's same with the rhino; only bec.of a horn whole animal is put down. This sort of clothing is not worth of a big roll that tree does for entire ecosystem, environment,oxygen making,fixing climate,taking carbon from the air, being home for tree dwelling creatures, holding soil in place, collecting water and withstanding moisture in area creating refreshing microclimate adequate for life, stopping wind, making cool shadow, creating rich soil with its fallen off leaves,creating fruits for creatures to eate, ......all of this is much more worthy than one T shirt. We have countless similar nonsense examples, hopefully one day we will learn in schools how to be aware of it and not to be part of it; so that we can preserve our Planet for future generations

  • Jeff S.
    03/20/2019 17:54

    I’ve been making my clothes this way for years.

  • Erika P.
    03/17/2019 16:04

    Ecuador amazon!

  • Ryan L.
    03/17/2019 09:42

    Their keeping the tradition alive so when society fails they know how to survive.

  • Brian R.
    03/16/2019 19:31

    A dude should spend his time more wisely than spending a fucking week making a shirt!! I adore nature, and part of nature is admiring human ingenuity and resourcefullness, these dudes are smoking fucking weed and making shitty shirts.

  • Aaron M.
    03/14/2019 03:23

    "It begins with a trek..." says the subtitle as the video immediately cuts to a boat full of people wearing t-shirts and not the bark clothing.

  • Donna R.
    03/11/2019 20:20


  • Kabir K.
    03/05/2019 23:20

    Cutting trees and destroying nature for clothes Serious it’s a 👎

  • Xiomára C.
    03/04/2019 12:15

    *sigh* all these comments about saving the environment from people who don’t realize the sapara have lived for thousands of years in this manner. They’re not trying to dress the entire world and when they cut down the trees they make use of the entire tree. They’re a small tribe like less than 450 people. They are the original guardians of the natural forest and have more wisdom then we ever will on what is sustainable. In this world of wanting everything fast and now the Sapara truly understand the beauty of hard work, patience and living with the gifts Mother Earth provides.

  • Janice H.
    03/02/2019 20:52

    if they have to search so hard for one of these trees then they cant be that common. If they increase this practice then there wont be any of them left at all. Just give them a T shirt made from hemp fiber. Not cotton too much GMO which is causing lots of skin problems in many people.

  • Niraj S.
    03/01/2019 20:24


  • Jorge B.
    03/01/2019 13:53

    FUCK dolce and gabana!!!

  • Fátima H.
    03/01/2019 03:03

    le están robando la idea a Chava 😂

  • Bishnu G.
    03/01/2019 02:19

    dai watching this video

  • Kempachi H.
    03/01/2019 01:58

    No mames un árbol por una pinche camisa no jodas

  • Yasmin W.
    03/01/2019 01:54

    Beautiful love nature

  • Juju L.
    03/01/2019 01:06

    mi idea 😞

  • Roza K.
    03/01/2019 00:47

    Мама шила мне штаны из берёзовой коры...🤣🤣 (☝👍🏻)